Millenium Falcon Found in Dubai

Looks like we have found the Millenium Falcon and its being built right next to Emirates Towers. The All Terrain Armored Transport or AT-AT of the Empire coming out of the mist in a Dubai intersection looks like it is ready to to some damage. I don’t know where these photographs originate from as I don’t read Japanese as of yet but I love them, especially the construction yard ones.

Link: WiredVision

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  1. Miss Good Egg

    The title says “Dubai Appears in a Star Wars Image Gallery” and I think it’s created by someone called Cedric Delsaux.

    Star Wars portrays original world (or something) and Dubai is part of it, being shown in these images as a surreal desert city with desert landscapes, spaceship and android. Delsaux’s work was awarded in 2005 by Kodak.

    This work entitled “The Dark Lens: Dubai Invasion” is going to be (or was) displayed in a Paris gallery this November.

  2. no dude… this is just artwork, its by someone, i think spanish, who’s famous for mixing starwars icons with real time locations.

    i’ve read the full article somewhere… but can’t remember where :/

  3. Hamdi

    I saw this exhibition in Dubai in DIFC a year ago, he is a French artist who created these photos using photography and photoshop, it was amazing

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