Below Zero

The weather in London the last few days I was there it kept dropping below zero and popping back up, floating between two and three degrees, and I would still sleep with the window a bit open at night. The one thing about London is that I always feel like walking around from place to place, I loved that I had gloves, my beanie on and enough clothing to keep me warm while I’m walking. As I was walking home I spotted a Lamborghini LP-560 Roadster parked up front, and I have to say that there was something very sexy about that machine in this weather, and it looked nice and clean, I knew the guy was just visiting because I didn’t see him earlier in the day. I loved the exhaust note when he started it up, I could hear it from the living room, and off he went in the lovely cold weather.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nice little monster. Cars seem to look nicer there than in Kuwait. We have a beetle in London and in some light it looks better than my Audi A6 in Kuwait. My Audi A6 looks like a high performance car in London :)

    The leaves haven’t yet quite finished falling. The cold has come early this year and I’m hearing about a LOT of snow on it’s way. Enjoy it. Remember to go to Alexandra Palace for a lovely view if it covers :)

  2. There isn’t a real need to wash cars in England since it’s raining all the time and there is no dust at all. You only need to wash the car once or twice in the summer to get rid of the spiderweb buildup :)

    And one more thing. Be careful when taking pictures of cars in London, especially expensive ones, because you might get in trouble with the police for it!

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