Samsung Galaxy Tab – Try Out

I was walking in Piccadilly just going store to store and looking around, pretty much enjoying roaming around the area. I walked into HMV I stumbled upon the Samsung Galaxy Tab sitting on the counter in their little tech area. I wasn’t expecting to see it there, I kept seeing lots of reviews online and I thought to play around with it for a bit.

The Android Tablet is a very different then iPad, it feels more like an oversized phone then it does a tablet. It has a spot for a SIM Chip, so you can use it for connectivity same as the iPad, but its quite a bit smaller at 7inches. The screen was crisp and it was smooth when going from app to app, it feels like there is a lot to it and it can be tweaked. Looked like a very good tablet overall, it is said to be the best Android Tablet currently out there and some people might like it over the iPad, and I am one person who loves the Android platform but honestly speaking it is leagues behind the iPad in content and overall usage.

All the applications are developed for Android to run on the Android phones and this Tablet, Google is a bit lacking on the Market Direction and simplifying the users experience, the best part of the iPad is its simple application Market, but with Android you get lost and developers are getting lost with all the different iterations and different hardware. So it Tab is an excellent tablet but its lacking in Applications, and Developers haven’t taken advantage of the extra real-estate. For the first real Android Tablet, its excellent but they have a ways to go and Google really needs to step it up if they plan on developing Tablets, we want applications specifically for Tablets. I will stick to my Android phone as a phone, and keep my iPad for all my other needs for now.

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  1. I don’t like it at all, mom ordered one from Amazon US and apparently it is locked to T-Mobile but it’s very difficult to navigate and not like the iPad at all.

  2. Jacqui: Spoken like a true apple fan-girl.

    I spent a few hours with this device, and I have to say the the 7″ size is just right. excellent for holding it with one hand and can fit in most big pockets. Also the battery life is just amazing. using the device as a access point a friend could squeeze 8-10 hours out of the device according to him.

  3. As Steve Jobs says; “The android is not open, it’s fragmented.” I’ll be waiting for the new iPad on Q1 of 2011. Let’s just hope they bring it quick to Kuwait cause I need my reading fix.

    I tried out the Samsung Galaxy and it felt more like a toy than a tablet. The touch functionality, the graphics, the feel of it all was worst than the iPad.

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