Lego @ Hamleys

I don’t think there is any man that can get enough of Legos, I for one can not get enough of it. Everytime I visit London I make it a point to visit Hamleys when I’m there and this time around I visited a few times and I resisted the urge to buy anything while I was there, but only the last time I went I bought a motorcycle technic model. I really wish they made slightly more complex technic models because there is a huge following for Lego but their current offering is very fun and enticing. I keep looking at and wanting to rip the box open and start putting things together, there is a major sense of accomplishment once you have completed the model, I would like to display mine.

I took my little cousin to shop for some toys and he is little man after my own heart, he asked me where the Lego section was and I took him downstairs and it is one very large section. I felt like Santa that day since it was cold and I was carrying a very big bag, I kept encouraging him to get whatever he wants, and he ended up getting 3 Big Ones (2 of them Technic) and 3 very small ones. There was a lot for him to choose from but he said he likes to take his time building them, and he likes finishing them all in the same day if he can. The funny part is when we were checking out they thought I was his father, and the boxes piled up to be higher then him and I was very satisfied seeing the memories of Lego grow up in such a young man. I still the think the best toys are Lego.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. am in love with LEGO! and somehow i didnt buy any since i was 12 maybe!

  2. “The funny part is when we were checking out they thought I was his father”

    lol You’re old!

  3. XsuiL

    my uncle used to do that to me when i was around 5 , he used to take me to the old sultan center and buy me few sets from there, i think it was the only place that sold Legos at that time .

  4. my son is next to me and he’s like “LEGOOOO”

  5. @FoToHoLiC SpiRiT – Same here!

    @Moody Pants – Your kidding! I still buy them!

    @B – Looool! I’m not old!

    @XsuiL – You have a cool uncle! Your right! It was in Sultan back in the day!

    @pearls – Hehehehe! He has grown up!

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