Lifttrax OffRoad Recovery

Offroading is a pasttime that many men love in Kuwait and the Middle East, many destinations to visit and offroad in. And there is always a time during that trip that someone gets stuck, I have gotten stuck a few times myself. I always carry a good amount of tools to get me out of the whole I’m in, but usually you need another car with you to help you out. A little more traction and a little more lift is sometimes what you need to get out of a very stuck situation. The LiftTrax Off-Road Recovery Device offers both in a rollable, portable, inflatable package. These ultrarugged air mats feature a flexible outer shell covered in rubber grips which offer traction in nearly any condition to vehicles weighing up to 8,800 lbs. Australians really know what they are doing when it comes to offroading, their equipment quality is really high because they have the same desert climate as we do. I’m hoping to have this for my next off-roading trip.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. Adsonic

    Don’t waist your money on them, just get a good set of sand ladders and you’re good to go.

  2. Waleed Al-Awadhi

    time for normally digging ur car out = same same time needed digging to find them after u used them once!

  3. Mohammed

    Adsonic: may i ask why they’re not as good as the ladders cause lifttax seem really good .. have u tried them ?

  4. Adsonic

    Waleed Al-Awadhi: there’s a small trick, tie any kind of rope to one of the halls then attach the other end to the car’s bumper. It works great.

    Mohammed: check this link in YouTube, it will help decide what’s best:

  5. DOD

    After watching the video on youtube, I would say pick somthing different then the inflatable ones..

  6. @Adsonic – Link to sand ladders? It looks good as a product really!

    @Waleed Al-Awadhi – There is a huge difference, they help you lift your car up enough to get leverage, no amount of digging will help if your cars frame is sitting on the sand, but these lifts can give your car the push up!

    @Mohammed – same question!

    @Adsonic – Ok the youtube video answered a lot! Now I’m looking at those sand tracks, they look pretty good!

    @DOD – Same here!

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