Forbidden Planet London

I try and stop by Forbidden Planet any time I’m in London, I think it is on the must visit lists of all geeks. They have every Model, Statue, and Comic that you have in mind. This was just before the Harry Potter movie premiere so everyone was pretty Potter crazy. I was checking out lots of models they have, and so many that I would want to buy. At this point I have a lot of models and movie memorabilia stored up that I shouldn’t buy anything but I bought just one Green Lantern Model which looked really cool. They have a huge Star Wars section, I just couldn’t help staring at the selection they had, I do want a Millennium Falcon but I wouldn’t have any place to put it since its really huge.

They lean more towards Movies, Games, TV, and Comic items then they do anime items as I think the store wouldn’t be big enough. They have a very big first floor showroom and a huge basement filled with every kind of comic you can imagine, they have a very nice transformers section that I spent a good amount of time reading down there. If you like these types of items then its really worth a visit.

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  1. i love this store !! i bought about 11 books last summer while there and a couple of animes !! loved the store and its style !

    too bad Kuwait will never have something like this :(

  2. Ok. This is not really my thing – I don’t know much about it. I can however see that it’s THE place. I’ll check it out on my next London visit.

    I laughed at the way the girl is looking a you taking photos :)

  3. @ROUDAN – I saw that and can’t believe it!

    @Mad Reds – I love that place! Great review!

    @buqais – The market in Kuwait can’t support a store such as that! And our customs would stop every book, it would be a headache for these guys!

    @BuYousef – Its worth a quick visit! At least for movie memorabilia! Yeah you spotted her! lol

  4. Walaa We should have similar store in Kuwait, it would be some much awesome.
    The cost of subscribing to comics through dc comics or marvel and get them delivered to Kuwait is so much expensive and some times there is in between the silly stories like watching Naruto filler :P and the dc & marvel applications on IPAD does not cut the joy of holding the actual comic in your hand.

  5. @Mohammad – I wish there was a place like this in Kuwait! I would soo get so many of the items they have! I have to agree its expensive to subscribe! But the iPad app has done wonders for my reading! Nonstop comics!

  6. ANB

    I remember going there last february. I had to walk from piccaddily circus to the comic bookstore in the freezing cold just to buy my friend the comics he wanted, but it was worth it. It was like geek heaven.

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