The One – Crazy Sale (50% and More)

I came across this sale after a friend told me she found some couches that I was looking for so I decided to go check it out. She told me it was opposite Home Center, on the outside of Tilal Complex, and it turned out to be a store belonging The One and they had a huge sale. I walked into the place and it was couches in front of me, bed frames on my right, couch sets on my left and more items all around.

It seemed like a bit of crazy sale, what you see is on the floor with discounts ranging from 50% to a little more. Some of the women were seriously going crazy, shouting from across the hall for someone to help them get the couch they want or a table they wanted. Luckily I found the couch I was looking for (Pic Number 5), I couldn’t believe because I saw this couch back in the end of July beginning of August and it was 600 KD then when I went to pick it up in the end of September it was sold out. It was my story with the couch I was looking for, only to find it here in front of me.

It took me about 20 minutes to find someone to help me since things were flying off the store floor, I stood gaurd next to the couch since I really wanted it. Luckily somebody came to help me and they had a newer one in storage which I took and delivery will happen next day. I got it for 269 KD instead of the original 599 KD which is a fantastic deal, I love when the one has these crazy deals, I love their furniture but its overpriced at times and I couldn’t find a couch like it all over town. So if you have a chance go to this sale at The One store in Tilal Complex Shuweikh.

(This couch but the smaller version of it which is behind it)

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  1. dude i’m going crazy right now i have a full home to furnish :S i wanna know were is the place exactly?

    the only “The One” i know is in Marena Mall and in the Avenues, where is the one your mentioning opposite to Tilal complex??? quick plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :p

  2. it was actually a the one sale AND Bo Concept. Bo Concept had items there (a few you could see in your pictures above) that were on 50% off as well.

  3. My Q is when did you have the time to write this post, since you went this morning .. lol

  4. I can’t believe I’m only reading this now… I wish I hadn’t :)

  5. Even if they have 50 % discount still their stuff expensive

  6. خصم 50% لكن في اياْ لما الحين تعتبر غاليه ولا افكر اشتريها,, انا اشتري منه الاكسسوارات فقط

    شكراُ على التنبيه وباقي يومين

  7. @Amy – Yup still expensive but their items are pretty comfortable!

    @j daily – No problem! I agree its still on the expensive side but a better deal!

    @brownsuger – Anytime!

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