24: Complete Series – A Must Have


There is no question as to the importance of having this boxset on your mantel and watching the whole show. I have watched every season except season 8 and I’m planning a marathon soon to watch it, I honestly don’t want to think the show has ended, I think thats one of the reasons why I haven’t watched season 8. Everyone said its one of the best seasons yet, and I’m still crossing my fingers for the movie. If you have or haven’t you must get the Box Set and watch it, and if it comes out on Blu-Ray you should get it then too!

Price: $180
Link: Amazon

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  1. the best series came outta tv for the last decade is gone, and that price is just awesome for the whole series

  2. Amar

    Im very jealous. You are definately going to need to train for the marathon..good luck! I may have to try the same thing very soon!

  3. Hahaha, That thing got your name written all over it :D

  4. @Mad Reds – Agreed!

    @Kal – I know! Its sad! Such an awesome series!

    @Amar – I’m just going to do a marathon for the 8th season!

    @N – Lol! It does! hahaha

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