Wataniya Airways – Still Going

Previously I posted about the issues that Wataniya Airways are going through and that have caused them to drastically change their operations and let go of quite a few people. My preference when flying around the Middle East is still Wataniya Airways and I had a trip to Dubai so I just check Wataniya and book the flights that were available.

Its still the same good service that I am used but the flight times or frequent number of flights changed. Now its only twice a day to Dubai, I hope they don’t change that either. The ground staff is just as friendly, and the plane staff are just as good, the plane was about 70% empty but its a Saturday flight so I wasn’t expecting it to be full.

But you can feel the atmosphere at the airport, it feels desolate and people are not in the best of spirits. Honestly I’m just going to keep flying Wataniya Airways as they are my preferred airlines, and I hope they get back in shape and plane more routes.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. But sadly they still cutting jobs. My cousin was letgo last thursday. its a sad scene.

  2. Realist

    Honestly, it has nothing special going for it. To top it all, it seems it has no strategy and proper understanding of the market dynamics. It is really confusing people with its positioning. Is it low cost short haul or five star long haul ? Eventually people gave up and started flying others.

  3. ahmed

    What do you expect? They fly out Saad terminal, making it impossible for passengers to connect to other carriers. High salaries, spent a lot of cash on luxurious seats and competing on the same routes of KA and JAZ. Its a pitty. In the end, all three airlines will merge and will subsequently be nationlized. At a much later stage, private.

  4. Yousef

    You traveled on the 4th?

  5. Bobader

    It’s a really special company and a really special airways. they have very good people as staff, they helped me in a lot of situations. hands down best planes ever. I support them one hundred percent and I hope they keep there business up and running.

  6. I hope they get back and start expanding again. They just announced more destinations in Europe via their partnership. Allah ywaffighum. I was hoping to go to Paris today but I had to use Emirates as they don’t fly there daily. Maybe next time I’m going to Europe.

  7. i hope things work out for the better. it’s sad to see the airline go through so much cutbacks at a very early stage. it saddens me to see Wataniya airways struggling

  8. @Rayboy – I agree, they are still going through cuts!

    @Realist – I think they are aiming for the midlevel passengers and they have good deals!

    @ahmed – Those routes are the most profitable routes, so I can blame them for choosing the same routes! The high salaries was a problem, they needed to go through this to get back on their feet and I hope they do!

    @Yousef – No on the 11th!

    @Bobader – Same here! They are good people and very helpful that is why I honestly like them!

    @Bu Yousef – I know what you mean! I hope they get back to their routes again! I need the flights to Amman and Manama!

    @B – Me too!!! I hope they come back full swing and full force!

  9. Considering the turmoil in the airline industry, its quite a feat by itself.

  10. @Imtiaz Hami – Agreed! I just hope they get back on their feet!

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