The London Zoo

For a while I have been wanting to go to the Zoo in London, even in San Diego if I had a chance. I want to see a bunch of funny animals roaming about and taking a look at these amazing creatures. And I have recently had the urge to see Penguins, and I know they have at the London Zoo.


I haven’t been to London Zoo for at least 5 to 8 years, I honestly can’t remember the last time I was there but I was really excited to go. Being winter I didn’t have high expectations but I had a lot of fun walking around seeing all these funny animals that couldn’t give a damn that I was staring at them, and some would stare back and walk up to me like those pink birds that I don’t even know what they were but they seemed friendly and walked funny. The owls were sound asleep when I got over to their section but one opened his eyes when I snapping pictures and looked really annoyed, owls really look like they are full of wisdom and have something smart to say, but I left them alone to continue with their sleep.

The penguins seemed to be having a lot of fun together and seagulls were annoying them and keep diving into the water. Some would swim closer to me because I was the only person there. The funniest bird I have seen yet is this furry looking chicken, I walked over to the kids section and some animals roam about like lamas, and I saw this chicken running around between peoples legs and he is big and very furry, strange chicken.

I kept on walking around to the different sections but not everything was open because it was winter but I loved it, London Zoo was a fun visit with all these animals. I especially enjoyed the parakeet that was annoyed at me and squawked a few times, makes me want a pet parakeet, he just looked so colorful and I bet would be an entertaining companion.

(A LOT of pictures below)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. WOW Zouq! Did you take all those pics? THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!

  2. -penguins are boring.
    -pink birds are pelicans, i believe.
    -an owl is the most beautiful bird.

  3. Some nice shots there… I LOVE the giraffe mug shot :)

    Zoos are slowly going out of fashion. Even this one is functioning as a charity to care for the animals (which is a good cover for now). I got the feeling on my last visit to London Zoo – about 3 years ago – that it will be a matter of a few years before it closes down.

  4. @FoToHoLiC SpiRiT – Thanx!

    @Ansam – Thank you! :D

    @vampire – Penguins are funny creatures! And I agree Owls are AWESOME! Beautiful creatures!

  5. @3aMaKoR – I wish I had more time to make posts such as these and take my time taking shots!

  6. bubzeee

    i’m stealing the pictures. thank u xx

  7. Umra

    For a tourist visiting London, the Zoo is an absolute must. Like visiting the Tower.

  8. @bubzeee – Anytime hehe ;)

    @Umra – Very true! It is a must!

  9. Aziza

    omg is that the one in regents park?!! its just opposite my uniii (regents college) :D

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