Emirates Twists Canadas Arm

Usually when landing into the UAE any European, American, and Canadian can get Visa upon arrival, but the case has changed in regards to Canadians. The UAE government will be announcing that all Canadians need to apply for a Visa at their Embassy for pre-approval and they may not necessarily get it.

The story behind this is that Emirates Airlines requested to open to new routes to Canada, landing in Montreal and Otawa which the Canadian Government refused. They said that they already land in Toronto which is enough. The Canadians said they have enough traffic and they don’t want anymore.

I don’t understand why they wouldn’t want more direct routes to the Middle East on an excellent airlines. But the UAE Government wasn’t taking this laying down.

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  1. Oh yes, I heard about it yesterday. If it was me, I would open the route with the Emirates any time !!

  2. Good move from the Emarati Government to replay back this way.

  3. The UAE also kicked Canada out of their “secret” Mirage Canadian Forces base in Dubai. Right when Canada is supposedly departing Afghanistan and needs the base most.

    Our Prime Minister is…well…short-sighted let’s call it, and a neocon, in economics, politics, social, and religious beliefs.

    I will link when I put up my post on this.

    Thanks for the info about the visas-I hadn’t read about it elsewhere.

  4. Haitham

    Yeah this was announced a few weeks ago and you’re right Chiara, the first response of UAE authorities was to not allow Canada to continue using that base. The lease had ended 6 months prior but UAE allowed Canada to use it as a sign of goodwill but that’s now evaporated.

    Some have said that UAE is petty for retaliating with these measures but I think they’re well within their rights.

  5. africano0o

    Emirates airline requested to land in other canadian airport at the same fees at toronto airport but canada government refuse saying that each airport has its own budget and they cant commit to the same fees at pearson airport

  6. meh

    أتوقع عندهم مشكلة مزدوجين وايد وجويهلهم ضاغط عليهم ههههه

  7. Tareq

    9ara7a min il mafrooth Canada says yes to the proposition of Emirates Airlines. Ana wa7ed min il 6alabah il kuwaitiyeen ily ib Canada oo 9ara7a malaina min il flights Europe or America to Middle East. We want more flights from Montreal, and Ottawa!! Zain yisawoon il emirate!! il 7koooma il Canadiya wants to increase the use of Canada Airlines for Middle Easterns like myself and not use other international airlines like Emirates!! oo as3ar il Canada Airline wayid ‘3ilah!! Which is one of the reason i’m not going to Kuwait in the winter!!

  8. Haitham-Canada’s government, specifically the PM, behaved like idiots. The UAE made every effort to negotiate in good faith and was received with bad faith. Even the Minister of Defense, a usually loyal ally and backup to the PM was disgusted by this one–which is largely the subject of my upcoming post. Now Canadian troops are going in and out of Afghanistan from our base in Cypres. Geography 101 dictates the UAE was a better base for this.

    Others-yes, the UAE wanted more flights per week but primarily permission to land in more Canadian cities. Given distances in Canada direct flights from other cities would be a boon. Otherwise one would fly Air Canada (the government owned national carrier and the politico-economic reason behind the refusal) or Air Canada to Toronto and out from there. As an example, Vancouver-Toronto is a 5 hour flight, then stop down, and change airport terminals, and take the next flight. There are rules about timings allowed to change flights (ie minimums) and new boarding check in for international flights, so that stopping in Toronto and changing carriers adds about 4 hours and much annoyance. Calgary-Toronto is ~3 1/2 hours but add the 4ish for the stop down and change, etc. The other option is Air Canada to its hub in Frankfort, change terminals, and on to the UAE. It would have been better to negotiate in good faith with the UAE about Emirates Airlines (reputedly with better service than Air Canada).

  9. Involvement of government in big business is expected. This however feels like children fighting over sweets. I do agree with UAE’s response and am pleased they’re standing up for themselves. However why this battle and not the DP World battle?

    Brave is good…. selective brave, in my opinion, is terrible.

  10. frank

    Some of the info up here is wrong. The Canadian government doesn’t own Air Canada, it is a public company, while any Canadian that has flown on both airlines would say Emirates is way better and it would be great for other Canadian cities to have the A380 show up and fly direct the number of Canadians and international fliers passing through Canada going to other destinations provides more jobs and income of Canadian based airlines and their partners (star alliance, us airways, etc) and would be affected if Emirates Airlines is able to land at more Canadian cities, I don’t plan on going to UAE but would be going to the US and abroad and if shutting out the Emirates keeps prices down for other cities I would go to then the UAE would have play along. It love the A380 and the Emirates is the only airline that brings the A380 to Toronto but the Canadian government has spent billions building new airports and have to services domestic and international airlines and partners that are here to support their airports long term, too bad the Canadian government couldn’t be more accomodating cause the Canadian Forces are doing great work overseas and Emirates is probably the nicest airline anyone could fly.

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