Halo Reach Stats


Now this is one the best games of 2010, probably the best game period. I feel bad because I haven’t given it the time it requires . I played for a while in the states but not enough since I got back, I’m saddened that I didn’t add to these stats but I will be adding to them soon.

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  1. Same here buddy, I played the game campaign co-op mode and also a couple of online game. I think it’s time for a revisit.

  2. micky 101

    i love the campaign mode but i think they have alot more to add for the online gameplay .. like they should add a radar or a little map at the bottom, they shouldn’t allow teammate betrayals and should improve the melee attack and alot more .. i just think that the call of duty have the best online experience and they’re improving it every time (and i play it with the ps3, it should be even better on the xbox.. since the xbox live is way better than PSNetwork)

    still, amazing game and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t even like plasma guns and all the futuristic effects !

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