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There have been a lot of good movies over the past few months and some I have been really looking forward to watching like Legend of the Guardians and The American. This is just the short list, I have a few other movies but most of those are Oriental Movies and Martial Arts, I love watching subtitled martial arts movies and there are a few good ones these days. But for the normal movies this is my current list

  • Devil 720p
  • Legend Of The Guardians 720pMachete 720p
  • Restrepo 720p
  • Takers 720p
  • The American 720p
  • The Social Network 720p
  • The Switch 720p


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  1. giggles

    Adre my comment malha she8el bil post but I just wanted to thank you for mentioning il musalsal Hawaii Five-0 previously, I just started watching it o 7ada 3ajeb :)

  2. the american is more like a european movie where nothing really happens (no action) all my family left the movie after 45 mins
    I like those types of movies (don’t know why) … Somewhere [2010] by Sofia Coppola is an example

    The social network is interesting
    the switch is okay

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