3D Or Not… Not


Recently I have been looking about making a major purchase, getting a decently large TV. I was looking at the Mitsubishi DLP Screens as I still believe in DLP technology for large screens. DLP Technology is still maintained by a few manufacturers and they have made huge strides over the years in getting better picture technology and quality into these types of screens, they are amazing, and beautiful to see but also big. If size and weight don’t matter to you then a DLP is your best option, if you want to hang a tv then LCDs or Plasmas are your only option.

In this case I went for a DLP but the choice was 3D or not, and the new one had a few new niftier options with better black. Having good blacks on a screen is very important to get a high picture quality and it was tempting me. But the same model Non-3D TV was almost 20% and it didn’t seen worth it to me, I would be saving at least 200-300 KD. And I honestly don’t see 3D as a deciding factor, its getting to be more an annoyance with those damn glasses. Until they invent TVs without the 3D Glasses I won’t be purchasing one any time soon. I think honestly consumers are getting annoyed with 3D more then anything else!

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    If you are in the market for a big T.V then check out the 65 inch Panasonic. they have some special deals on them. If i’m not mistaken the current price for the t.v is 1,400 it used to be some where around 2,200-2,400.

  2. define big screen? I left projection TV 6 years ago and never looked back. Have they gotten any better?

    And I agree with you 100%, 3D is a gimmick to sell more TVs. and its an annoyance more than a technology.

  3. I’m not a big fan of 3D.. i prefer normal view!

  4. Mohammed

    Try LG Fahad AlSalem branch they have decent offers on LED TV’s, you buy one you get 26 LED TV for free valid until 20/jan/2011 i was their yesterday.

  5. @BUSALIM – Hala BuSalim! The technology has advanced a lot since that TV came out! I’m going for a TV bigger then 70 inch but still reasonable price!

    @N – Its much much better now! I’m going for a Mitsubishi DLP which I saw in the states and screen is BEAUTIFUL! Amazing!

    @Summer – Normal TV Works for me!

    @m – I know most of the details of the guide! Thanks for the link! But after thorough research and testing I’m going for non3D!

    @Mohammed – LG Doesn’t have the type of screens I’m looking for!

  6. 7saiN-

    Do you REALLY want to sit at home wearing glasses everytime you watch TV ?

  7. I had the same opinion you have on 3D TVs. but last week I bought a 3D Blu Ray that does not require a 3D TV to work (uses red and blue 3D glasses) and I have to say watching 3D at your home is kind of fun.
    I suggest you buy one of those blurays, check it out and then decide if you want a 3D TV (note that with a 3D TV the quality of the 3D will be superior to the one you got with the Blue, Red glasses).
    The bluray i got was Sea Monsters by Nat Geo

  8. Adsonic

    To Eliedh: from where did you get the Blueray?

  9. M!

    Marzouq where are you getting the Mitsubishi DLP from? do they sell them in Kuwait?

  10. 3D seems like it could cause a massive headache! Not a fan at all. Stick to the tested formula Marzouq!

  11. I totally agree with you on the 3D TV thing .. I just hate all the fuss around it! buy your Gigantic TV and the way to go is “Samsung” I have 55inch led and I can’t tell you how amazing it is :)

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