Picking Materials for Dishdashas

Now this is an art form which I have not even come close to perfecting. The summer dishdasha is a very simple and easy matter to choose, I pick the Japanese nonwrinkle type and it works great for months of nonstop use. But the winter dishadahsa is a complex matter with multiple materials and different uses. So that usually takes me a lot of time to pick and choose and get second opinions, honestly I’m the lazy one and my brother does most of the work. One other factor that has taken longer this year is that we even haven’t had a winter this year, its back and forth, but in my case I switched to winter mode and I won’t go back to summer until it gets really hot. There were a few cold days in the morning on the way to work so I decided then to make the switch.

There are some days where its a little bit warm but when it gets a bit chilly I am very happy that I am in winter gear. I honestly do love wearing a winter dishdasha even though its a hassle to choose what to wear in comparison to summer dishdashas, with summer dishdashas you just open your closet and pull one out, no choice in the matter, a very simple process. But in winter you have to choose, black, grey, brown or any other combination and then there are the shirts. Its a tedious process and time consuming, but I honestly love winter dishdashas, they can look good and feel regal while keeping you warm.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Purgatory

    Get one with the pattern on the wall

  2. i hate winter dishdasha
    i only wear it twice a year!

  3. Kuwaity

    When you shop for clothes, and don’t know what to choose, simply ask a woman. Women look at things at different angle, and they know which is best for you. Although it is not always the case, spacially if she said buy a pink shirt!

  4. I love my men in Winter dishdashas they are simply hotter that way and it is just insanely yummy!

  5. Ah I have a nightmare picking those too. I usually just go with something that feels good rather than looks good. Which is exactly what I shouldn’t be doing.

  6. I agree it’s an art… which I too have not perfected. This year was very easy for me. I used only two of the six I tailored last winter, and even those I only wore a couple of times, so life is easy until the summer.

    Japanese is good (for every day) but I find the German material breathes better (more cotton). The cost of course is that it wrinkles easily.

    That grey one with pink lines would look great on a suit!

    Mabrook :)

  7. I buy Japanese summer-dishdasha fabrics as well because they’re wrinkle-free (almost but not quite). Haven’t really had much opportunity to wear any of my winter ones this year. Quite strange…

  8. Summer: Japanese

    Winter: Italian (Work,daily use)
    German (Occasions)

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