Supernatural: The Animation

Supernatural is a crazy show in the first place but transforming into an anime is GENIUS! I understand a little bit of the trailer but without subtitles I’m a little lost, since I know the Supernatural storyline pretty well I can somewhat understand whats going on, the best part is that they are using the same soundtrack which is one part that makes the show great. They can go even farther and darker then the show has already done with Anime. Its a production by Madhouse who are behind Paprika, Batman: Gotham Knights, and The Animatrix. I’m going to enjoy watching these season one shot and now I have the animation to look forward to.

Link: Blastr

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  1. med1st

    that looks awesome but i think it has the exact same story as the original series if thats the case than what`s the point of watching the animated virgin

  2. Van

    If you caught any of the panels from last year’s Supernatural event at Comic Con–they are all over youtube–you would know that the animated series will include new content, and that they are actually working with Eric Kripke on the storyline. Will you check it out now, med1st? Oh, and Jensen and Jared have already agreed to dub a few eps. Sweet!

  3. Elektrikgurl153

    I have to say that the scary parts won’t be that greusome when it’s animated.

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