2011 Year of the Pads


There were are lot of big launches in 2010 but looks like 2011 will be the launch of all kinds of tablets from Windows, Android, Blackberry and don’t forget Apple. The iPad 2 seems its to going to get a revamp with a better screen, just as good as the iPhone 4, maybe a few other things like a better speaker, and dual docking ports so you can use it in landscape and portrait mode. Then there is the HTC which is going to be interesting as I am a big fan of HTC products.

  • HTC Pad – Some sort of announcement in February, I’m looking forward to what they have lined up.
  • BlackBerry PlayBook – Expected in March
  • Apple iPad 2 – Yes a New One, expect it around April
  • Asus Eee Pad – Android or Windows 7, Release date around April
  • Dell Streak 7 and Dell Streak 10 – Most probably Android

Link: PocketLint

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  1. Too much choice. I will buy the new iPad without an hour’s delay this time.

  2. laziale

    i will wait for ipad 2 , yes i know when it will be on sell there gona be like 5 Pads Better, Faster, twice the features of apple ipad 2 … but i don’t see any Application market coming close to apple store !

  3. one thing made me avoid the iPad .. USP port! any news on the features of the iPad 2?

  4. I would like to see a tablet with Microsoft’s WP7 software. That would be interesting. And I hope they just give up one windows 7 tablets. they are clearly a failure.

  5. I bought the iPad and I’m happy with it .. I cant see any reason to buy the other ones .. although I kinda liked the playbook ..

  6. Alaa' Mohamed

    also Acer , LG , HP , Motorola

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