Aramex & More Shipping Insanity


The last month of insane snow and cold in Europe and the US has shutdown airports and turned shipping into a logistical nightmare. I hear people complaining about not getting their items on time or not getting them at all. In my case its a mix of both, everyone from UPS to FedEX and the smaller shipping companies are facing issues in this weather and losing packages in the process. In my case one screen mount has been lost since it was delivered about two weeks ago to Aramex, I gave them the tracking number and hopefully it will reference something inside their system and they find it. Its been an annoying process but Christmas and New Years coming up means that there a lot less employees working meaning that they won’t find what they are looking for right away. I’m just hoping they find it soon as I would really like to mount my computer screens to the wall.

Currently Missing:

  • Screen Mount
  • Streetfighter Animation Book

I’m just hoping I get my things soon.

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  1. Zahed

    thats what i have been trying to say all this time, so it isnt only our company.

  2. Marcopolo

    Thats the very thing am experiencing right now with aramex.

  3. Hello,
    My name is Nidal Rabadi, I’m from Aramex regional office in Amman – Jordan, please mail me your shipment number to nidal.rabadi[at] and we will follow up on it for sure.
    Thank you.
    Nidal Rabadi
    GSO Customer Relationship Team Leader
    Aramex International, Global Support Office
    tel: +962 6 5515111 fax: +962 6 5527461

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