3D in 2 Minutes

This is how annoying 3D is, wrapped up in 2 minutes of ridiculous 3D. I prefer my movies in 2D, and movie studios learned that 3D doesn’t guarantee sales and box office hits. 3D is only good when done right, certain ways of producing a 3D movie is annoying to view and some aren’t recorded in the right way. Luckily they have learned their lesson in 2010 and some producers and directors don’t want their movies in 3D.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I Totally agree with you

    In my opinion 3D is a waste of time, 2D RULES ;p

    thanks for the post

    BTW i didn’t watch the clip cause am at work and FLASH is not supported (its like a jail here ;p)

  2. I find 3D annoying too but I can’t deny that I really enjoyed watching TRON in 3D IMAX it was perfect.

  3. Nadoyii

    I agree 3D kinda annoying
    only some movies can be 3D not all of them
    but hopefully 2011 has good movies to watch

  4. the avengers movie is going to be cool!!!!!!!!

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