GeForce GT 430


Now this is the perfect graphics card for an HTPC, simple, small, powerful, and cheap. Now you can play everything you wan’t through your Home Theater PC without worrying about the machine’s capabilities. NVidia have really made the perfect graphics card with it’s capabilities, 1080p movies without any effort and now in small forms. A few years ago you needed a real powerful graphics card to handle HD movies, and now they can offload the processing to graphics card since its more powerful

Important Bits:

  • 1 GB DDR3 Ram
  • Blu-Ray 3D Playback (HDMI 1.4a)
  • Loss-Less Audio
  • HDMI Audio Playback
  • Small Form Factor
  • $60

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Blizmo

    Niceeee.. I was looking for a small graphics card that can output HDMI with audio.

    I hate my GTX 260.

  2. By the time it’s price changes to a more affordable point, Nvidia will have churned out another, more capable card. Constant cat-and-mouse game! I gave up on getting the ‘best’ and settled for ‘most useful to my uses’ last year.Never looked back.

  3. Hey guys;
    I am trying to build an HTPC. Marzouq you covered a very imp part and i am thankful, Can you also cover other parts please. I am really on a tight budget! (or can anyone else help?)

  4. Yousif, define “tight budget”?

  5. Something at 60-70KD. All i want is basically that small machine to play HD videos. (i haven’t really experienced 1080p on big screen)

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