Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

Now this new phone has peaked my interest, I have always been a fan of Sony Ericsson but I feel like they haven’t gotten the smartphone formula down yet except when I saw the look of this phone and the specifications. Its a powerful phone inside a very thin sexy looking case and its running Gingerbread (Android 2.3), when they first launched the Xperia they launched it with Android 1.6, and Android 2.01 was out by then and they didn’t upgrade. SE makes great hardware but very slow to upgrade their software, this is where HTC excel, they keep updating your software and the phone just keeps on going.


  • 8.7mm Thick
  • The Arc comes with a 4.2” display
  • GPS
  • 8.3Mpix Camera
  • HDMI Out
  • 1GHz Snapdragon CPU
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

My phone life cycle started off with Nokia back in the early 90s, then switch to Ericsson (before the merger) in early 2000, then switching to Sony Ericsson, and just recently switched to Android with the Google Nexus first came out. Now this phone is making thinking of switching back to the Sony Ericsson platform but the best part is that its all Android and I won’t really won’t have to do much except sign in with my Google account and everything will sync automatically.

I was thinking of upgrading next year, it was probably going to be one of the HTC phones which are to be announced some time in February but the Xperia Arc is a definite candidate with its specifications and style, I just hope its released very soon.

Link: AkibaharaNews

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  1. Let me share my thoughts as an Android user.

    What I like:

    1. 8.3MP Camera
    2. HDMI Out (most devices lack that feature)
    3. Slim and Sleek Design (It’s thinner than its rival iPhone4)

    What I disliked:

    1. No Internal Storage:

    This has been a huge problem for me My hTC desire runs 2.2. But not all programs can be switched to memory card, in fact less than half of all programs are SD movable. So I started facing the “You don’t have enough storage” and it’s driving me crazy. I swore my next Android must have at least 8GB of internal storage.

    2. No Front Camera:

    A year from today, a front camera wasn’t that biggie. But with skype and other apps making free video calls. You really should consider your next device to have one.

    3. Price Tag:

    X10 was around 250KD running the Donut 1.6 while everyone else was 2.1 selling for less than 200KD. When I officially upgraded to 2.2, the X10 was still a Donut 1.6. Not so long ago after finally SE sent out the 2.1 upgrade. Now they announce the phone will not be upgraded to 2.2 making customers rage.

    Meaning once SE starts rolling new devices after ARC. Your more likely to never get another update from them again.

  2. meh

    The only problem with SE is lack of support, just like the old Xperia.

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