7.2 Home Theater Setup

Currently going ahead with a new home theater setup and I have been looking at a lot of different combinations, and so many different setups to learn from. I went with the DLP screen since I have the space to work with, and I love big screens. I have a lot of machines that will be connected to it for our viewing pleasure, such as: Home Theater PC, PS3 Slim, XBox 360, Sonos Music Player, and OSN Box. I have decided to go with a 7.2 setup since I have the chance and space this time around. After careful and continuous research these are the components of the system I have put together for the perfectly loud and crisp sound that I am looking for will all my movies, games, and tv shows. And enough Bass to shake the house down.


  • A/V Receiver – Onkyo TX-NR1008
  • 2 Front Speaker & 1 Center Speaker – Paradigm Speakers
  • 2 Rear Speaker & 2 Surround Speakers – In-Ceiling Meridian Speakers
  • 2 Subwoofers – Earthquake Front Facing Subwoofer

Once all the components come together I will be making a more detailed post and review of the items.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Becareful when you buy the onkyo .. as majority of the ones avaliable in kuwait are just HDMI passthrough. We almost ended up buying one until a good salesman guided us. the HDMI uplink version are few in models in kuwait and more pricey! …

  2. I was thinking of getting the Onkyo 1008, it’s a pretty good deal costing at xcite less than it does in the US. But decided to go with the Denon 3311 mostly because of Airplay and the fact it has a much better UI compared to the Onkyo. Only downside… it costs more than the US.

    On the other hand for speakers going for the Definitive Tech Mythos ST – 5 speaker system. In Kuwait it costs HALF the price of the US!


  3. Nice setup. The only think that I think you could have done better is the Onkyo receiver. You should definitely have gone with an Integra. Drop me an email and we will give you a good deal if you want one.


  4. Sprung

    Nice. I’m looking for a similar setup. Do u mind telling us how much it cost u? If u can give us how much each thing costs that would b great!

  5. Check out the UI of the Denon 3311

  6. Hey Sprung,

    Why don’t you pass by our showroom in Al Tilal and we can give you a quote? It’s called Envision and we have the most unique selection of AV Products in the Middle East. Handpicked by a bunch of AV enthusiasts. We carry elite brands like Integra, Triad, Speakercraft and Atlantic Technologies. As well as Runco and Optoma projectors and Audioquest cables. Visit http://www.envisionway.com for more information or send an email to [email protected]


  7. i feel sorry for your neighbors! haha

  8. Khaled

    What sort of cabling connects your subwofers ? Where do u plan to place them ?

  9. Not Dead Yet

    So why didn’t u go with a projector?

  10. Kuwaity

    You need to spend a little more and get better system. The easiest thing is to go with THX certified products. For music, just add two hi end tower speakers in the front. Also add butt shaker in the sofa for infrasonic feel. Don’t forget to spend about 15 % of the total price only for cables and interconnectors.
    I think you are going to get married so take care of her taste in the furniture ;)

  11. Pisces_ chick

    Y3ne mayser surround o surround back meridian wel baji paradigm !!! Bel 3agel !
    Because they sound differently , They have different materials in their cones!!

    Y3ny paradigm has a different sound from mathlan klipsch, o kel brand sounds ghair get it? In simple ka’enek 7a6 two front continental tires for ur car and el rear two michelens

    O Onkyo sucks, i had 3 onkyo amps..three ! Kelhom bad ye7tar o yaf9el!! Internal component quality sucks !!

    Earthquake subs r overpriced,, and a shitty agent in Kuwait ! Alah e3enik if u need seyana :p
    U can put another brand of subs m3a any speakers 3de,Mathlan all speakers paradigm o two subs identical model klipsch 3dy
    Coz subs produce low frequency ele ohow bass fa they r omni directional..meaning u wont know where the sound is coming from..speakers r directional u can tell from where ur hearing the sound.

    And the trick bel HDMI cabels good brands are pricy , 500 600 kd Bes cabels

    Also projector panasonic PT4000 not bad around 580kd from the states .. Panasonic Kuwait sells it for 1370kd LooL

    THX packages has the best sound see Klipsch or Jamo :-) for next time maybe


  12. @Rayboy – I went for the NXT1008 which has the upscaling I am looking for and passthrough when configured! So no problems there!

    @Mark – i went for Onkyo 1008 because it is a high end machine with the Figura chip for processing and it was a very good deal! And the Mythos are a very good deal! Excellent speakers from all the reviews that I read! I can’t blame you for going with the Denon it does have a better interface, but I have been with Onkyo for a while now!

    @Khaled – Hey Khaled, I was thinking about the Integra but the Onkyo was a better deal and does what I need!

    @Sprung – I will give a cost breakdown once I am done with the whole setup!

    @Mark – The Denon Interface looks very good! I wouldn’t go for it though because those features aren’t something that are a factor with me!

    @Khaled – I do recommend passing by Envision! They do have a lot of interesting hardware!

    @B – Me too! hehehe!

    @Khaled – I plane on setting them up around the screen because of the way the room is designed! Coxial Cable!

    @Not Dead Yet – Because the room has 6 meters of glass on one side and 8 meters of glass on the other side, which means that there is a lot of light throughout the day and the projector is useless during that time!

    @Kuwaity – Loool! I got the butt shaker already and its all THX certified !lol

    @Pisces_ chick – Wow! U went into details! I like that!

    Ok Just so you know the surround speakers I got were in-ceiling and they are directional, the strength of them is proportional to the paradigm in-ceiling speakers so in that aspect they are similar. They do have different materials but I am looking for different sounds and the meridians sound better to me then Paradigms.

    Tires isn’t the right comparison because its different components your talking about. See I’m getting the same front and center speakers which have one kind of sound while the surround is all one brand, so that works out fine! If I get a different left and right speaker then there would be a problem. I am looking for the right high and low frequencies, with Paradigm I get what I am looking for in speaker quality.

    When it comes to the Earthquake its the best front facing subwoofer on the market, and ETC has them and they are fantastic with me. I’m not sure who you are referring to but I have worked with them for over 10 years and buying equipment from other locations and they are more then happy to set it up. Klipsch do have excellent subwoofers and I have one, and I also have a Mirage Subwoofer which is fantastic as well. But I’m going to try the Earthquake because a lot of home theater enthusiasts recommend it for excellent movie bass and sound.

    Getting pricey HDMI cables is useless and its been proven again and again. You can get decent cables which can do exactly what you want for a reasonable price!

    I would rather go with the high end DLP such as Mistubishi who have further developed the technology in a room that is not cinema dedicated, you are limited to enclosed rooms for projectors and in my case the room isn’t enclosed

    I like the Jamo Speakers but what I am looking for aren’t available and a bit over priced, so I went for a package that had the right sound and price!

    I am really going to enjoy! ;)

  13. Ahmed Marafi

    Hi bro, congrats for the setup n all!

    just a few tips and hints that might help.

    I would recommend a Black Diamond 1.4 from Screen Innovations since there is a lot of light sources in your HT Room, don’t forget the white ceiling too. go to their website and check their videos. On the other hand, i think your screen looks a bit high from the floor.

    Google timbre matching.

    Go with what u like, front-facing sealed ones usually sound the best for movies and music. two identical from the same brand produce the same waves and sound. If they have an XLR output and your Receiver has it then connect it that way. much better than conventional RC cables.

    Don’t believe me but believe the reviews in all the HT mags.They do make a difference and i have seen it! i went through all types of Monster cables (Crappiest commercial brand ever) and several other brands like! people spend thousands of dollars for cables to get what they want, don’t believe all the forums, and reviews from sites like Cnet. i recommend WireWorld and The Chord Company.

    LCD projectors are practical, i recommend the Panasonic PT-AE4000. or if your waiting then its going to get updated this September, maybe they will release a 3D version. If budget is not an issue, check the JVC D-ILA projectors.

    *AV Receiver*
    Since you got it, congrats! for future upgrades i recommend Denon and Yamaha. ignore all the others.

    This is when we come down to business, what u need is to calibrate the SPL (sound pressure level) for all your speakers so they would all be playing at the same volume (75db), u don’t want your sub to eat your high and mid frequencies :) tuning and calibration is usually the longest and hardest thing to do, it takes months to reach the sound that u want. also u would have to change lots of settings and check the same scenes again and again and again till u get it right nobody knows how to do it in Kuwait :) shops just sell u gear and they don’t even calibrate it, they just connect it for u like its a washing machine and leave. its like getting your car turbo-charged without tuning it at all u do the math.

    for any help, shoot me an email :)

  14. @ Ahmed,

    Correction: Envision does full audio and video calibration. In fact, we have a new video kit coming in from the States for getting the most out of your projector. This service will be available at a small charge to anyone who is interested.

    I apologize for all the advertising but to be honest I am an AV enthusiast myself just like you guys and we opened Envision because no one in the market really had the products that we loved and no one actually did proper design in terms of acoustics and calibration. So we went to Cedia, learned how to do it ourselves, and set up Envision!

    On another note, @Ahmed Marafi can you send me an email at [email protected]? I would like to take your opinion on something.


  15. Chris

    Any update on the breakdown of cost and how is the setup of sound

  16. Hi Chris

    Pass by our showroom in Al Tilal Commercial complex in Shuwaikh and we will show you a number of similar, if not better, combinations for a reasonable price.

    Btw we just got MK Sound speakers and I cannot describe how beautiful the S150s sound. For those of you who dont know MK, almost all major studios mix their movies on MK speakers, specifically Lucas Films. They are, in my opion, the best value for money speakers in the market and thats why we got them.

    If you are interested in a private demo, drop me an email at [email protected] and we will arrange something.


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