Project Completition in the GCC


Looking at all the different projects that been completed in the last 5 years you can see construction projects, financial projects, media development, business development projects, telecommunication development. So many different kinds that I don’t know how to list them all. Saudi talks about projects in the billions of dollars while Bahrain completes these important project within a certain budget and does a fantastic job when seeing the end result. Qatar is on an insane boom of every kind, and UAE is still continuing with the projects the planned out and scrapped the ones that didn’t work. In all these countries you can see all the different kinds of projects and the result of their completion, but in the case of Kuwait. In the last 5 years Kuwait has re-tendered and canceled so many projects that I honestly lost count. I can’t remember any major project that has been completed in the last 6 months. Kuwait is stagnant, in place and no change even though we all want to progress forward. They have been talking about Fiber to Home for the past 8 years with no result in Kuwait while Oman is connecting fiber between very distant cities as well as other maritime projects. Below is my ranking of countries based on project completion, the funny is that Kuwait has the highest number of running projects but a very low successful ratio. All the Gulf countries have passed Kuwait in regards to progress and development, and our government has yet to do complete any major project. For how long was the first ring road stuck with no construction of projects then suddenly everything came alive in 6 months ago.

Projects Completed By Ranking:

  • Qatar
  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Oman
  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait

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  1. dude if you don’t like it here GTFO!

  2. KuwaitQ

    Mark, i got the feeling you got that comment quite often on your posts.
    Marzouq, although we have been stagnant ever since i can remember there is reason believe there is a very good chance our government can get us out of the state were in, and get the country moving within the next 5 years… Keep in mind the top 3 countries you listed have a valuable thing in common that we don’t… Centralized Authority! (something our people do not want have, but will have to bear its consequence)

  3. unfortunately, sad but true *sigh*

  4. What’s intriguing is the effect of the public projects on the perception of the private industry. When big projects are happening, many small projects happen as well. Maybe we over-aimed a few years ago – just look at all the vacant office blocks in the city, apartment buildings in Mahboula and consider that many hotel licenses were given out and, thankfully, were never built. Maybe we need some aspects of the real estate stronghold to be filled out. We need to rely more on solid information rather than diwaniya talk and habbas to inform our decision making.
    Proper development responds to actual demands, both of the market as well as those of decision makers. I have a feeling that these demands aren’t very well studied or known. In light of the vacant spots, consider the need for redevelopment of existing places. (I’d love to live in a loft in Shuwaikh!) What I think I’m trying to say is that there is a lot we can do with what we already have before going into the “mega-projects.”
    If these monsters are constructed, however, private industry would also boost construction. And as a side note, if these things are going to be build, why don’t you try to make them at least sustainable? That would be good news for me. As an architect, I’m currently a bit bored. Villas just are not really my cup of tea, I’m into other things and these things are rarely being built, and if so mostly not in Kuwait, not now at least. Mix that with the recession over the past few years, we have a lot of confidence-building and fixing to do before moving forward. The potential is there, though.

  5. I’m surprised to see Qatar on top. Most of their projects are behind schedule – main one being the new airport.

    Anyway – you’re right about our deep sleep mode here. It’s not just the government to be blamed. We all know the reasons for delays… and by name too :)

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