Moleskine – Peanuts & Pac Man

When I first saw these special edition Moleskines I knew that I had to have them, and after waiting a few months they came through in my mail box. As soon as I got them I loved the quality of the engraving, I do wish the Moleskines made more special edition notepads. I got a total of 6 new Moleskines, 2 are Peanuts or Charlie Brown, and 4 are Pac Man with different variations of it. I keep saying that you can never have enough Moleskines and at this point I have a little stockpile that will last me at least two years but I try to use the Moleskins for all my note taking needs, I prefer notes on paper then on an iPad or Phone.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. you are so lucky! I want the pac-man edition but unfortunately it’s out of stock

  2. Nadooiiii Sakura

    Snoopy and Pac man <3
    Lucky <3
    hope you write great notes in them ;)

    and I agree about on paper
    I do write notes on iphone but dont read them because I forget I wrote it but on paper it right in front of me :)

    good luck :)

  3. NM

    OMG where sid u get these !! They are the coolest! MashAlaah, bl 3affya:) i went to office depot 4 times to get the 2011 medium size organizer and i never saw it:/ is this it??

  4. Is moleskine stock available somewhere in kuwait at the usual places? STC and HD have sorta run out or are running out…

  5. Mabrook… All nice. But the B&W simplicity of the snoopy and charlie brown is minimalism at its best.

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