Michelin – GulfRun 6 Prep

GulfRun 6 is coming up in a few weeks and I decided to change my tire to the new Michelin PS2 tires since my tires were all eaten up. It was a total 485 KD for all for sport tires, mounted, balanced and installed. Which is about 130 KD per tire, which is about the price of sports tires.

I ran into a problem, my rims are G-Power Silverstone Rims which a special valve to inflate and deflate the tires. That special valve was lost by the dealership so I couldn’t do anything with my tires, so I asked them to hold the tires for me. I called the dealer in Abu Dhabi and called Germany they said it would take about 3-5 days to get it, and time wasn’t a luxury I had. I asked to have them shipped FedEx or DHL next day but they were slow to react, I got a little worried.

Next morning Michelin guys called me and told me the tire guys fabricated some valves to they can inflate and deflate my tires, I was very happily surprised. I drove right over as soon as my meeting was done and had my tires changed and tipped the guys who did the work. They made two valve adapters one to inflate and the other deflate the tires. They did an amazing job and these guys remember me year after year so I make sure to tip them, and they finished all the work on my car in 20 mins which is fantastic. The best tire service in Kuwait is always at Michelin, they even have BFGoodrich which is my favorite truck tire brand.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 485 for PS2s ? sounds good price

    what is the size of your tires ?

  2. wanted Michelin for my Grand Cherokee but the size was no longer available.
    my other car tires are due for change and i wish they have the PS2 ZP for my application.

  3. z

    Congrats, nice car love the color.

    Where is the garage location? Looks clean neat garage.

  4. I got mine for 120 for my Range sport, i notice that the Odd number rim more expensive that even numbers !! in most of the tiers brands humm

  5. abdullah

    very good price !! ana i paid over a thousand for my 40 inch mickey Thompson baja claws tires :(

  6. Good service, in every business, is a breath of fresh air. Congrats.

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