Blue Bloods

Generations of one family all in the NYPD, from the normal street cop all the way to the commissionar. All with their own issues while on the police force with Donnie Wahlberg (Yes the brother of Mark Wahlberg) as the troubled detective who breaks the rules to get the job done. This show turned out to be the little gem of the season, an unexpected success and I really like it. If you are into cop shows then this is a must see, I like where its going and I like the Police Commissionar played Tom Selleck.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Not only is it great for having Tom Selleck and Donnie Walhberg but it’s also awesome for having some family values instilled within the Cop drama.

    I love it a lot, the other new cop drama out there is “Chases” and that fails to compare when it comes to Blue Bloods.

  2. You Suck She Sucks We All Suck

    Tom Sellek is old but is still hot as ever. I was supposed to marry him.

  3. The Tom Selleck stache convinced me already…

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