Wataniya 20/50 Ad

My hat goes off to Wataniya for an amazing advertisement, for 50 years of independence and 20 years of liberation. This ad really gives the feeling of love that we have for our country, and for those who have passed away. There is always a feeling of hope in Kuwait, you can always say we are a creative people and we try hard. I loved the old theater shows we had, they were funny and entertaining, and seeing Sheikh Jaber and Sheikh Saad always brings a warm feeling to my chest. Excellent work putting all this together!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Great ad! I love watching clips of old Kuwait. Inshallah the next 50 years will see a prosperous Kuwaiti society leaving its mark in history!

  2. Nice. Good to hear a positive message for a change.

  3. Salbader

    i was moved by this ad where the other just seemed entertaining.

  4. Khaled

    this Ad is amaaazing .. I just wanted to clarify that it was not done by wataniya .. it was one of the video submissions they got for their Give Kuwait campaign .

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