The World Islands


There has been a lot of discussion about the world islands and other projects in Dubai. Nakheel is in charge of this project and several others, and many of them have been put on hold. Dubai has done an amazing job of completing these over the top projects which have put it on the map and created a huge tourism industry. Due to over leveraging and banks no longer extending loans Nakheel has had to prioritize projects over others, and there has been a lot of rumors over The World Islands. The Palm in my opinion is a very successful project and a testament to their amazing projects. Too bad the Islands didn’t work out the way they expected but overall I still think Dubai has taken the right road to build up its city and industry. The crash it suffered was a set back but it can only go up from here. I’m looking forward to seeing what other projects they have ahead of them.

Link: Luxist

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  1. check the pearl at Qatar I loved it more than Nakheel were Atlantis is

  2. Dubai is the place for these disneyland type projects. I understand them, and am impressed, but I’m soooooo glad they’re not on my doorstep.

    In any case, Allah ywaffighum. They turned the desert into a garden and the sea into the world :)

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