1. The ‘TAXI’ sign looks too big… I think it’s a fake.

  2. Makhraz

    It’s a definite fake, because the number plate is not a Taxi number type… sorry to disappoint you guys :)

  3. se7s

    its actually a real taxi!

  4. Kuwaity

    I like it, i like it more if it has manual tranny.

  5. fares

    i totally agree 100%, its just a UGLY car!!!! unlike the elegant and beautiful Austin Martin Rapid;)

  6. Delly

    ah!! I MISS GERMANY!! :(
    its a real one btw!

  7. If that’s disgusting, you should see what happened when they turned an ENZO Ferrari into a taxi. Imagine a $1Million car turned into a taxi.. ‘nuf said ;p

  8. Cohiba king

    Even the camry has more sexapeal than this

  9. Frederic

    The color is somehow like the Carrera White

  10. king15

    The car is horribly hideous anyway!

  11. mosaik

    Here in germany taxis have to look this way. The law was scraped some years ago, but a taxi which is not coloured in beige is not a real taxi. By the way, this picture is a fake: The taxi is from Stuttgart, but the picture is taken in Hamburg (aprox. 407 miles).

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