Late Night Talk Shows!


Recently I have been watching late night talk shows and used to be a huge fan of Jay Leno. David Letterman is a bit to cheesy, and Conan was a bit too crazy. But after watching the last few shows it seems things have changed a bit, Jay Leno is still a funny guy but Conan O’Brian is insanely funny, he has passed both Leno and Letterman and people are loving the guy. Then there is the George Lopez show, he is a latin comedian who had is own comedy sitcom, and the guy is damn funny and sarcastic as hell. Jimmy Fallon has also improved since his comedy was a little to slapstick but now its more sarcastic and gotten pretty good with the interviews. Conan and Lopez are my two favorite Late Night Talk Shows, and if you have chance you should watch them.



  • Conan O’Brian
  • George Lopez
  • Jimmy Fallon
  • Jay Leno
  • David Letterman

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  1. Abdulrahman

    i prefer jimmy kimmel show its much funnier

  2. Conan is great. You should also try and catch Craig Ferguson.

  3. I hate Jay Leno right now especially after the Conan Late Night Fiasco, but I am glad that Conan is on TBS right now as he seems so much more comfortable in his place there, he gives awesome shows night after night!

  4. i watch jimmy fallon every morning before going to work on osn comedy and sometimes jay leno or ellen.

    on what channel do you watch Conan O’Brian?

  5. Jess

    Chelsea Lately…. I LOVE her!!

  6. The only American comedian who I can handle for many nights in a row is Jon Stewart. All the others give me a pain of repetitive strain :) they’re funny but in small doses. I agree that Conan is on a different level of crazy. Lopez is good but on his sitcom and stand-up not on his show.

    For me personally, Nothing beats British comedy, Marzouq. The shows I enjoy regularly include wit that often approaches the speed of light…

  7. CONAN is the God of late night, always been… but lopez i hate that guys.. too mexican

  8. J. Fallon, Conan are great hosts! Not the biggest Lopez fan but I do enjoy Leno when he’s talkin’ cars.

  9. Fallon is a little mature and after the NBC mess up I’m with Conan. I agree with BuYousef British comedy is miles ahead of the Yanks :)

  10. In Order Best to Worst:

    Craig Ferguson
    Stephen Colbert
    Jimmy Kimmel
    Jay Leno
    Jimmy Fallon
    David Letterman

    I didnt mention conan because I don’t really like his humor.

    Letterman used to be good but it seems he had just given up.

    As for Fallon, he plays contest games with celebrities which can be really fun.

    @ Nemo: You can see Conan on the teamcoco website.

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