Rumor: Wataniya Airways Bankruptcy

This is shocking and very sad news that is going around. Wataniya Airways will be announcing its Bankruptcy very soon and shutting down completely and will no longer be operational. I honestly thought they would be able to reorganize themselves and adjust their issues to get the airline back on its feet. I didn’t think that it would reach this point, and I don’t care what others may say Wataniya Airlines had excellent service and I was very happy traveling on their airlines, they made it enjoyable to travel again. Now we are back to the old options of Jazeera Airways, Middle East Airlines, and Emirates Airlines for travel within the region.

If you have purchased tickets from Wataniya Airlines you only have 45 days to get a refund for any tickets. And it will probably insane over the next few weeks if this is the case.

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  1. Akbar

    Why cant KAC buy out Watania and lease both to a private third party airline? When Emirates took over Srilankan airlines, it did wonders and bailed out the sick airline co.

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  3. No one

    الوطنيه من البدايه مسوينها عشان يشترون الكويتيه ليما بيخصخصونها، وقبل جم يوم تم تمرير قانون خصخصه الكويتييه.

    كل شي تمام يا فندم.

  4. biker

    Airline business is a tough one to say the least , where is PanAm ,TWA?

  5. Wataniya; Here Today Gone Tomorrow

    Feel truly sorry for the staff and their families! Hope most of them are able to get absorbed by either Emirates or Qatar Airways, both of which tend to be on a perpetual hiring spree.

  6. Drawing inspiration from despair

    So what happens now to the Wataniya airways exclusive terminal, I wonder?! Hope they don’t do something foolish with it like the Bahrainis, and tear it down the way they did with the Pearl Monument because it brings back bad memories (my foot!)
    It can be put to much better use than before as exclusive First and Business class terminal for all flights operating in and out of Kuwait. Will certainly clear up the congestion at the rickety old terminal.

  7. It’s a shame. Unfortunately it seemed rather strangely managed since the very start. I almost worked for them but what put me off was their lack of long term vision. This was more than a year ago now. I have their silver card which I will keep it for memory. I will miss the convenience, the brand and the source of pride it gave me as an alternative representative of a Kuwaiti airline instead of KU. Oh well.

    As for the comment above mine, Sh Saad Twrminal is the General Aviation terminal and will remain the same. The Wataniya branding will of course have to be removed.

  8. omg

    Liars, cheaters and disgust. Thats whats in my head when you say wataniya airways. Leaving hundreds of people jobless overnight despite ensuring them about company’s future just 2 months ago, not paying their salaries, not communicating at all that shows how unprofessional and inhuman they really are.

  9. bu-jassim

    Wataniya good airline but the chairman and the CEO they never care about the lost of the airline as long they receiving their high salary about 15000 KD monthly plus the yearly bonus in spite of the airline loss , but they never care or respect their staff , we think the management are bunch of thief’s .even never care about the stock share holder etc

  10. Justice

    Not only Wataniya, United Aviation also stop operation. It was earlier run by Mr. Al Bahar. The Present managemetn has not paid the salaries of staff from March 2011..lot of indians are working there..

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