ATT Buys Out T-Mobile


The two biggest mobile GSM providers in the US are T-Mobile and AT&T, and now AT&T is buying out T-Mobile USA for $39 Billion, part cash and part stock. AT&T want to increase its revenues and customer base with this buy out and this is one way to jump ahead. This is interesting news since they both took different routes to develop their technology and customer offering, but this buyout is shocking to say the least. I have always been against AT&T and their policies, and I preferred T-Mobile over AT&T but now they are going to be under one umbrella once this buyout is allowed by regulators. Then the big two will be AT&T & Verizon, and they will have a control of prices, and it will be interesting to see the pricing and packages they have in mind. I just hope they increase their speeds overall and connect their network so it wont be a sporadic network with spotty coverage.

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  1. Is this legal? Will the monopoly-commission-equivalent not put a stop on it?

  2. milwifenwaiting

    Yes it is legal, the FCC will determine how much of T-mobiles bandwith AT&T can have and will required AT&T to sell the rest to other carriers.
    This will only increase the service territory of AT&T customers and help build 4G faster.
    Also, T-Mobile has been in a huge dispute with it’s employees because T-Mobile USA has worked against it’s employees right to join a union, as AT&T employees are allowed to join the union.
    Due to what I see as substantial loses by T-Mobile on their “flexpay” and by joining Wal-mart to build wal-marts “family talk” they had no choice but to sell. The rate they are charging for thier plans are certainly a reason to join T-Mobile, but it is also thier down fall.
    Rate plan charges build network and T-Mobile can not build their network with thier current income.

  3. rj

    this is awesome will i be able to get an iphone now without unlocking it?

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