The Accident

A little over a month ago I was driving on the inside of Mishref going to the NBK by the co-op. Its an internal road leading to it, two lane going and two lane coming. As I was driving down on a Saturday morning at around 8:15 am, I just needed to get some cash to pay for a few things and they have a drive through ATM. I was going about 30 kph, not in a hurry to get anywhere since I had only a few things to finish in the morning.

I could see the coop on the left side of the road about 300 meters down, and about 30 meters ahead there is a U-turn coming around. There was a Nissan Patrol on the other side of the road as I was driving, at that point I’m about 10 meters form oncoming u-turn when the car turns into the u-turn, and I thought that the person would stop, but I was completely wrong, the car continued and at this point I was traveling at 30 kph with about 7 meters from the U-turn and I slammed the brakes and made a hard right to avoid the car. I thought I could cut into the second lane but this lady went right through and I hit her car’s front end, I went on the garden of the first house went through the bushes to end up in the drive way of the second house. I was fine, the airbag didn’t come out, I was angry, very angry, I tried opening my door but because my left fender was pushed back I had to kick out my left door to get out.

I took a look at my car and I was devastated, my car was very damaged, but hamdilla I was fine. I called 777 then remembered it was 112 and reported the accident, they said go to a police station, I told them my car is not moveable and we need a police officer urgently. I was very very angry and tried calming myself, what kind of idiot would make a u-turn without stopping with a clear view of an oncoming car within a 7 meters of the u-turn and not even trying avoid me when she looked. The front left side of my Landcruiser was damaged and I hit her right fender and tire. The funner part is that my front bumper was coming off but the paint wasn’t damaged because of the Huperoptik protection on it.

(This is a very long story)

I took a picture of the road, my car and her car, and then I went to approach her. And I saw a woman put down the window and she said in a very vulgar way that she is sorry she didn’t see me, her friend (who was sitting next to her) was talking to her and she just came from the Emirates. This woman looked like she was a lady of the night, she had make up on her which made her look ghost white and green contact lenses. They both wore very short dresses even though the other one had a hijab on, it looked like they just left a party at weren’t fully aware.

She told me she is sorry and she is married to a very promiment person in government and can fix my car. I told her if she wanted to call an ambulance she said no need, and no need to call the police. I told her the police are on their way and we will have this resolved soon. At this point I was very angry, they were grown women and honestly disgusted me with their manner, I tried to keep my cool without blowing up. I told her that all I want is a police report to get my car fixed by insurance. She wasn’t too happy that a police officer was on the way. I called my friend who lives 5 minutes away and I know he has work on Saturdays so he would be awake, he was having breakfast and came right over.

The police came after about 15 minutes which is pretty good, I spoke to the man and gave him the details and information about the accident. He was very straight forward, took my registration and license, looked at my car then headed over to her car and get information. After finishing with his questions the police officer told me that she doesn’t want to go to the police station, but he told her that this man wants his insurance forms and knows his rights, and wants everything done through the insepctor. Then a Cayanne S came and a guy walked out and walked to their car first, then he came to us and asked who is the guy she hit, and I asked are you her husband, he said no she is a friend, the guy looked like he had about 2 kilos of gel in his hair and just sobering up.

At this point I was very pissed and wanted to get the paper work done and over with. The guy asked to speak to me alone and he said he can have the police paperwork for me and no need for them to go to the police station, talking to me like we are making a back room deal. I told him if this was a scratch then I’m fine with leaving, but both cars aren’t moving and I have full insurance and the police station is 5 minutes away. Something seemed very wrong and the last thing I would do is trust this guy or the woman.

The police officer came back to me and told me that she doesn’t have a car registration form but he took her license and said to bring the cars to the Bayan Police Station. The police officer called and said the inspector was there and he would be able to see us right away. Then this guy said he would take the girls home and see how he would take the girls there, I said thats not going to happen, she hit me so she has to be there and no one else. He then said there are no tow trucks to get the cars there, I made a few phone calls and had two tow trucks on the way and take the cars to the police station. I was giving this man very little options to get out of this and I really didn’t like what he was trying to do. My friend was already on the phone with the tow truck guy telling him where to go, so about 20 more minutes the car got there and we had both cars on the tow trucks.

I told the guy that I would meet them at the Police Station, and I got in the car with my friend. When we both got there, the inspector hadn’t arrived yet but he is on the way. The police officer was giving them the paperwork he filled out earlier. The guy said he will come back later since the inspector isn’t here, I told him that we should wait and get this over with but he really wanted to go. So he left and it was 9:30 am by then, and I waited a bit and the inspector was there by 9:50 am, I expalined to him that I was traveling the next day and the whole situation. We tried calling the guy but he wouldn’t pick up, then the inspector called him and he said he will come by at 4:00 pm so I said I will be back then. When I came then the guy didn’t come and the inspector was pissed, he tried calling him but he wouldn’t answer. At this point the inspector took down my information and my side of the story and said he would get back to me. I left the next day, and for four days that guy and woman weren’t going to the inspector. So then the inspector called me and said I can take the form needed to fix the car, and after looking into them, the woman had 7 lawsuits (qatheyas) criminal & civil against her and the guy even more, at that point he issued a warrant for her arrest if she didn’t sign within the next 48 hours.

At that point I asked the tow guy to take the car to Toyota to get it fixed, now my Landcruiser is fixed, and I put on the Huperoptik protection right away but I still had a few kinks to work out of the car. The one car that I realized that I can’t really live without is the Landcruiser, it felt like I missing something and half the time I could drive the way I wanted go across a dirt road, it felt very strange to not have it around for a few weeks. It took about a week to get the form to fix the car and I hated that my car was damaged sitting in a police station parking lot and I couldn’t fix it, but after taking it in it took about three weeks to get it all fixed it up.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. خطاكم السو
    سلامات ان شاءالله

  2. 5a6ak el soo, salamat o matshoof shar inshallah

  3. nkf

    5a6ak el so marzouq … ba6at chabdey hathy ely d3imtik 9ich nas ma tiste7y

  4. Glad to hear you’re safe Marzouq! I hate shady people, and it seems that there are quite a few out and about on the streets these days. I hope they have no wasta to get out of this one!

    5a6ak il soo 7abeebi!

  5. خطاك السو وماتشوف شر بالحديد ولا فيك

  6. Glad you are okay and what happened is crazy. 7 lawsuits!!!

    And dude they have her car license plate number. They put it into a computer and bam they have everything about them. They can have a bunch of police go to the house and arrest them, but yeah right like that will happen and the police don’t give a shit.

  7. akbar

    salamat dude. nasty accident. nasty people. lucky you are a kuwaiti, i had a similar accident at 5pm, i got my report at 1am after i was sent to the main police station. i survived three police station visits, one head office visit and one night shift change. the head of the station was willing to sign papers n a day off for the wait and was very polite as my accident spot fell in all three police limits. my first and last experince. the accident was a pickup with aroud 8kids decided to reverse for a u turn, i was 15meters away honking…bam anyway, please drive safe and defensively. look out for others mistakes, protect urself first. see a voilation-stop safely with enough distance in front n back, let the voilator kill himself,then drive past safely. be careful dude, its a mad rush out there.

  8. Sallamat..Wow that was crazy story!! Glad you are doing well!!

  9. M!

    خطاك السو

    This should be a lesson to all to wear seat belts you might be a good driver there are a lot of people on the road who are not.

  10. one helluva long write up!
    ‘7a6ak esso yal ‘3ali

  11. I can only imagine your ordeal… really sad, but like you’re saying, its all fixed now.

    Btw, that’s a Nissan Pathfinder and not Patrol :)

    Second, the cop who arrived at the scene… how come he didn’t take immediate action against the offenders? They didn’t even have the car registration you said? And going by their appearance, how on earth did he NOT understand that something was fishy here?

    Third, strange how at the police station, they were let go so on their request and then trusted so easily that they would return on being called on phone.

    Last, you should’ve taken pics of the offender and her gelled friend :D

  12. Was the this the post you told me to wait for? :-) J/K , Salamat bro! kha6ak essew !!

  13. SM

    Thank God you are fine and the damage wasn’t any worse…

    Lucky that you are Kuwaiti..any other expat would have got screwed…big time!

  14. Karan

    Sorry to hear about your bang man .. And it’s great no one got hurt. I live in Bayan and know just the feeling when someone disregards rules and becomes a threat to your life. You can imagine how tough it is to be in the situation when you don’t speak Arabic, and someone is being aggressive or trying to cut a ‘deal’ after hitting you with their car ! Stay Safe ..!

  15. Thank goodness you’re safe. I had a similar incident a couple of months ago and it was sorted out without much problems.

    ps. You should have asked the police officer to test their blood for drugs, I’m sure they would have failed ;)

  16. Good to know that you did not get hurt.

  17. Salamat Zouk o Kha6ak El Sooo..

    At least you’re all in one piece that’s the important thing and that chick is one helluva a shady person.. hope they catch them.

  18. dlc

    thats quite an experience.. good 2 know ur safe .. :)

  19. يا اخي اول مرخ اندمج وانا اقرا سالفة جذي

    خطاكم السو

  20. خطاك السو
    God help you dealing with trash like them!

  21. @Frankom – Kha6aak el laash o alah esalmik!

    @Kal – Shar ma eyeek!

    @nkf – Thank you! Wayed narfizoony hel awadim!

    @[email protected] – Kha6aak el laash! Yes there are a lot of idiots out there!

    @fereej – Eee wala bil 7adeed! Kha6aak el laash!

    @yousef5 – Even with the license plate the car might be under someone else’s name! Bes 7amdilla the police inspector was persistent and wanted to nail them!

    @akbar – Alah esalmik! Yup it can be crazy! This time was easy, it happened before that I ran around different police stations to find an inspector and get my paperwork done!

    @nemo – Yup pretty crazy!

    @Amu – Thanks! I’m just glad I wasn’t on the bike!

    @M! – Kha6ak el laash! True I shud wear my seatbelt but I’m idiot about that!

    @vampire – Kha6aak el laash yel 7abeeb!

    @Kuwait – You do have a lot of valid points, and the police officer was a young guy who came to the scene, at that point I just wanted to get it over and done with. When calling I think the inspector goes through a process to make sure that their files get closed so that why they call and wait! I didn’t take pics of them because they were hideous creatures! loool

    @G-Funk – Alah esalmik! Not this post! lol

    @SM – I can imagine, even when you are Kuwaiti its a difficult process with them!

    @Karan – I know exactly what you mean! I have seen it and at times I have intervened, especially when the other person is shady!

    @Mathai – At that point the police men saw the fury in my face and I wanted to rip them apart, but I just wanted my Landcruiser fixed!

    @cajie – Thanks!

    @Jacqui – Kha6aach el laash! I hope she gets imprissoned!

    @dlc – Thanks!

    @ducatiq8i – Khaa6ak el laash!

    @BuYousef – Khaa6ak el laaash! It was a headache but I got my car fixed! 7amdilla!

  22. HZ

    khatak essew!, I liked the most of the story “talking to me like we are making a back room deal.” lol
    Your situation dealing with this gang was a nightmare!

  23. @HZ – kha6aak el laash! It felt dirty right away but they could tell from my face that I was pissed!

  24. Boodlz

    Glad you are safe and not hurt, that is the most important thing il7amdila

  25. @Q80 In Denver – Kha6aak el laash! Tislam!

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