Canon 600D

I get a lot of questions about my photographs and the cameras I use, and its a range of different cameras, most of the time its a DSLR and sometimes its an advanced point and shoot which is the Canon G11. Now I usually use the Canon 40D and Canon 7D depending on what I want to shoot and the type of shot I have in mind. If someone is new to DSLRs there are a lot on the market and a huge variety to choose from.

The Canon 600D (T3i) is a high featured entry level camera with a lot of features of the Canon 7D & 5D, its even more featured then their mid-level cameras like the 60D. 1080p @ 24, 25 or 30 frames per second which is very good, it has a few features which are automated and it has exposure lock during recording an a jack for an external microphone. Intially DSLRs were meant only for photography but that lined is being blurred with shows and some movie scenes being shot with DSLRs, and this case a person who is new to photography would love and enjoy this camera.

Link: PocketLint

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  1. I ordered a 600D last week, got delivered to my door step just today. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

  2. Great post, I’m actually looking for my first DSLR cam.
    Kuwaitiful, how much did it cost you? and can u pls post a review?

  3. Fady

    Cool camera, however the 60D is more featured than the 600D, i think you got them misplaced. This is more of an entry level into the DSLR world.

  4. In Homer Simpron’s voice:
    Mmmmmmmmmmmm cameras :)

    Mabrook. Cool collection.

  5. In Homer Simpson’s voice:
    Mmmmmmmmmmmm cameras :)

    Mabrook. Cool collection.

  6. @Kuwaitiful – Excellent choice! I read the reviews and details, and it is an enticing camera to have!

    @965BLVD – Check out the pocketlint review for the full details!

    @Fady – I agree with you but check out the video features on it, its more advanced then the 60D, thats the surprising part!

    @BuYousef – Looool! I didn’t get it! I had the same voice in my head though! loool

  7. 965BLVD: Cost $899 total, review coming up in the next 24 hours

    Marzouq: indeed enticing.

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