Sand Storm Black Out

This weather storm literally came out of no where, we were sitting outside and saw something on the horizon and it was moving quickly. We started getting blackberry messages of people in the city and how it was enveloping the roads and buildings. It looked like a real moving creature and it looks angry. Within 20 minutes it was over us and day turned to night, then you could hear the call for prayer, it was an eerie feeling. We all headed inside to take take cover but the sand storm is out in full strength. Even while we are indoors the dust is seeping through the openings in the windows and doors, we tried putting wet towels in certain areas, but other then using electrical or masking tape we aren’t going to stop it from coming in. I don’t even know where this weather system came from, I feel sorry for those with allergies or stuck outdoors, I hope this clears up quickly or it rains very soon.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. It felt like we were in a movie

  2. akbar

    Nice shots, last years storm was in the morning. think these storms r going to be regular every year. thanks marzoq for wishing the sick. shows you care and are a kind hearted fella aprt form bein the cool duooode in the hood.

  3. @B – Reminded me of The Mummy!

    @akbar – I hope this doesn’t come every year!

  4. Did you see the cowards on the video of the drivers going the wrong way on the highway? (Saw it on Mark’s 248am). THAT was the only scary thing I saw.

    I switched off the AC in the house as soon as the storm hit. We were back to normal the next morning – but not my poor little garden :)

  5. @Bu Yousef – Yeah I saw that! People just freaked out and started driving in all directions! I didn’t switch off the AC I kept it going but I got it through the crappy aluminum doors!

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