Ducati Diavel – Sibling Ride

I haven’t had a chance to ride for a little while due to a very busy schedule and traveling recently but I had to make time this past Friday morning. Please welcome the new addition to my stable, the Ducati Diavel, I really do think of my bikes in a stable because they each have a spirit of their own. This is the Carbon Red addition which I think is the sexiest of the bunch. When I heard that Ducati was making a sport cruiser, it peaked my interest but when I saw it, I went overboard, I couldn’t believe my eyes, it is such beautiful machine, and I love it lines, but pictures don’t do it justice.

I met up with Kubayashi at 7 am on Friday morning, his bike was being serviced so I told him to take Diablo out instead, and I found it fitting for the Diavel to be out with his older sibling. The Diavel my be categorized as a Sport Cruiser but Ducati are known for building fast machines and this bike is NOT slow. The first thing whenever you make a purchase is to read the manual, and in my case I was out the door on the road without a clue where the manual was, I was excited like a little kid in a candy store, like any man I pressed a few buttons, pushed a few levers, and assumed I knew what I was doing, then hit the road. I tried to make sure that I kept a level head when riding, I had to ride it for at least 100 kms to break it in initially, and that includes the tires so I get that protective layer of it, and then there was breaking in the engine and the gear box. I made sure to take it easy and keep it under 5000 rpm, and it can rev up to 11000 rpm which is pretty high, I would push it every once in a while and slowly keep increasing speeds around corners.

When I was riding it I was very surprised about a few things, it turns very easily and feels very light, I was taking turns much slower but I wanted to learn how the bike feels and reacts. The best thing about it is the brakes, it stops on a dime and has the brakes of a sport bike, when you squeeze those brakes it comes to a stop very very quickly. Plus those beefy tires give you a lot of grip and confidence around the corners, and to my surprise they were Pirelli Diablo Rosso IIs which are used for sports bikes, and this what Pirelli calls them “The Ultimate Sports Tire For Absolute Road Abuse”, these aren’t cruising tires, they have a lot of grip and they are on this machine.

Then there is computer system on the Diavel which surpassed my expectation, you have two screens, the one above which gives you your normal detail such as speed, rpm, and distance, and the second color lcd screen which is basically a computer. You can change your bike settings from mild to wild, and there three basic settings but you can customize it completely from the amount of Horsepower available to the DTC which is the Ducati traction control system leve, from full DTC to completely switching it off.

Ducati have made a perfect cruiser, I am person that doesn’t like riding slow or a slow machine, and this is a very well built machine, it goes fast and stops quick when needed. I was never really a cruiser guy but this not a cruiser, its a Ducati Diavel and its built out of passion from Italy, I love this machine and the way it looks. The LED integarted signals and brakes, the beefy tire, and the 162 bhp 1200 cc engine. I can’t wait to tweak it with a few parts and enjoy the ride.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. SM


    I’ve been following your blog since my college days in ’06…and man u’ve got good taste in bikes…keep it up…

  2. Amu

    Congrats…Thats a beautiful bike!!!

  3. biker

    What a piece of art. I love pic no 8. Showing off a perfect behind

  4. jojo

    I read somewhere it does 0 to 100 in 2.6 seconds! Does it feel that fast?

  5. hellraiser

    Dude you can’t call a perfect cruiser when you have not owned a Harley! Its a Sports Cruiser which is considered a new category yet to prove itself in the market, I for one was not impressed by the ride, although I have been excited about the concept, the end product leaves a lot to be desired.

  6. akbar

    nice bike, tires sound too good. did u try any wheelies yet? when do you plan to burn the rubber?

  7. I knew it, I knew it! you would not pass up the chance :) mabrook!!! enjoy it

  8. nice to see you riding again, we should meet up for a wolf pack ride

  9. what un ugly machine! kidding (^_^) “
    ya36eek ‘7aira wekafik sharra
    those back tires gonna go with no time heehee

  10. Welcome back and its good to know that you like your new bike from reading this review.
    1000 Mabrook enjoy it and be safe

  11. Corolla Man (AE86)

    Love the LED Light, the arch of the License plat has to go.

  12. Mabrook. Ya36eek khaira o ykafeek sharra.

    Thank god I didn’t get into bikes! I would have been completely hooked by now… You can’t do the school drop offs on a bike. It takes someone who’s supercool to get away with it :)

  13. I love ur new bike, but putting both of them next to eachother makes Diablo look ugly lool!

  14. one more thing …

    الله يعطيك خيرها ويكفيك شرها

  15. @SM – Thanks!

    @Amu – Thank you!

    @biker – I love the rear of it!

    @jojo – It feels fast but I need to break it in!

    @hellraiser – I was pretty impressed with its pull and handling, especially that I was going low on the corners. I have only driven a few Harley’s and they didn’t feel as fast as this bike! Its not as fast as the K1200R but it does its job! I will know once I break in the bike and get things going! But I still I love it! lol

    @akbar – you can’t wheelie something this heavy! lol! Or at least I can’t!

    @iD – Alah Ebarik feek! hehehe

    @Adrenaline – Yes we should! Where were you this weekend! Didn’t you but saw the other guys!

    @vampire – Lol! Tislam! Yup I’m gonna break it in quick, and especially the tires! loool

    @Z.mJ – Thanks! Its a fantastic bike!

    @[email protected] – Thank you buddy!

    @Corolla Man (AE86) – There is a replacement for it but I think its pretty good looking!

    @Bu Yousef – Tislam! I know a guy who drops off his kid on bike and he is hardcore about it! lol

    @pearls – Lol! Thank you very much!

  16. Mabrook on your new ride! its beautiful, especially the way the rear has that chopped look and its so much more sportier than a Triumph Rocket (which some claim as the first sporty cruiser)

    Ride safe and all the best to you :)

  17. Atlas

    Congrats on the new bike. Great looking bike, I see you like your Italian bikes and cars.

    Hope to catch up with you for a ride.

  18. hellraiser

    I saw Robo retired…
    We are riding to morrow if you wanna see Ad But get whipped by a Harley :)

    @ Akbar that things wheelies with a blink of an eye!

  19. @Mathai – Thank you! It is one beautiful machine! The Triumph Rocket is a monster and beast of a different level! Literally in a class of its own! I for one think that I couldn’t handle it!

    @hellraiser – Man I know! I had too many bikes and not enough time to ride them! I felt guilty that I didn’t go out on Robo enough so I thought that should go to someone else who could give him the attention needed! And who ever rides it will love it inshalla!

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