Profiting From The SandStorm?

This is probably one of the strangest and most fearsome sandstorms we have seen in Kuwait yet. Malls turned orange, cars were covered in sand, and houses were flooded with sand. Now the next day it was an insane cleaning ordeal but I didn’t think about what people would do other then clean their houses.

When driving around town the next day you see the long lines at car washes in different areas. There was a huge line at the Bayan Carwash backed up to the 5th ring road exit onto Fahaheel. The Qurtoba Carwash caused traffic on the 4th ring road to come to a stand still. Al Falah Car Wash was packed you would have to wait for hours to get your car washed. My car is still all dusty and I’m just waiting until things get back to normal to get it washed.

When I went to X-Cite Alghanim to pick up something I needed I saw a ton of people going back and forth to the Kitchen section and I didn’t know why when the rest of the place was empty and one ninja was playing around with the iPad 2. Then I was cart after cart of vacuum cleaners, air filters units, and portable AC units, they were going by the second, it made sense. Later on in the day I thought about getting a air filter only to find out that they were sold out in X-Cite, Electrozan, and Eureka. They must be making a fortune selling all their stock.

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  1. it’s a conspiracy by the big electronic shops!

  2. @vampire – LooooL!

    @Ecletic Kuwaiti – Those lines were insanely long!

  3. it was 7amoodi’s 7ooba! lol

  4. JST

    Ninja…. LOOOOOOL

  5. This sand storm was very aggressive “est’3fer allah” and most of the car wash shops were really profiting big time !! I had my engine washed as well as my breaks cost me 20KD OMG!! =S

  6. My only concern after a sandstorm of this size is how much water was wasted when people were cleaning their driveways and cars. Sad really :(

  7. @B – Loool! True!

    @JST – LOL!

    @Mustang Rider – Supply/Demand! People were charging!

    @[email protected] – True! So many areas ran out of water!

  8. I sometimes forget to close the sunroof but I’m SOO glad I remembered on that day! My dad’s car was a different story lol!

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