Pandora On The iPad – Location Annoyance

I always enjoy listening to Pandora, entering the artist I like and then listening to music from that genre, getting some new songs, old songs, and some songs I never heard of. I always knew they had a location restriction, I tried listening to them online or from other devices like my Sonos system but it never worked, but for some reason it always worked on my iPad and I loved it. Especially that I have 3G I could stream it and listen to it all the time, from any location. Now since the last update to Pandora it comes with the screen that says we can’t stream due to your location and that annoyed the hell out of me.

Luckily the way to circumvent that is using a VPN and in my case StrongVPN. Having a VPN on does slow down your connection a bit but in this case its audio so luckily it wasn’t affected and I couldn’t hear an degradation in music quality.

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  1. Mark

    I only get that screen when I am on viva 3G and fasttelco but not Qualitynet for some reason…

  2. Mark

    Also a tip, turn VPN on, run and play pandora and then turn VPN off. Music still plays bu album covers stop appearing after a while.

  3. I love VPN (StrongVPN in my case too). I pay the TV license in the UK for our house there but I don’t watch any TV there as we live in Kuwait. VPN allows me to watch BBC iPlayer and catch up with my favourite porograms that I already paid for…

  4. @Mark – I did that and it worked but I liked seeing the screen so I kept VPN on!

    @Bu Yousef – Exactly! StrongVPN is just fantastic with so many options and locations!

  5. Kliffy

    Hello :)

    After i upgraded to IOS4.3 and 4.3.1 my VPN suddenly stopped working on both my iPad & iPhone what about you guys?

  6. @Kliffy – I’m not sure! I haven’t upgraded yet! I’m planning on upgrading then testing! I will see whats the issue!

  7. BBC iPlayer app found a way to ignore the VPN on the iPad. It may be due to the upgrade!? Anyway the Mac is still ok so we’re not panicking yet…

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