Wheelie Tip From Chris Pfieffer

I can never get enough of Chris Pfieffer, he knows how to pull off these crazy stunts, and he makes it look so easy. He is THE corporate two wheeled hooligan and BMW loves him for it. I for one admit that I don’t have the balls to pull a wheelie, I always think I’m going to flip back but I hope one day that I learn how.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Kuwaity

    I think wheelie is a part of riding, any experienced rider can wheelie it is easy and fun just like when you drift your car a little. Although some do very long wheelie any where while others just pull it for few fractions of a second and I think it is all cool because not all people are brave and have different experiences.
    but a rider that can not pull a wheelie at all, sorry he is not a rider! And for your safety, if you didn’t wheelie while you where young, now it is too late to try it, it is not safe.

  2. @Kuwaity – Every rider pulls a wheelie every once in a while! I have pulled a few myself, and some too high for comfort but I won’t say I have control over it! I have sometimes kept the throttle continuous and I was loving it but I knew that I didn’t have the experience to control it and keep it up! It slowly comes down if your holding the throttle continuously but still! If someone hasn’t done it doesn’t make less of a rider!

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