Visit To Professional

For any geek visiting Professional computer in Hawally is like going to a candy a store. So much hardware and well positioned on the shelves, it is always fun walking in there. I walked in to pay for a minor PC refurbishment they did and picked up a few items that I needed.

There were so many keyboards, I saw some cool new Razor gaming keyboards. Then there were a lot of Netgear, D-Link, Buffalo, and Belkin switches, routers, and access points. There was a good selection of motherboards and graphics cards as usual.

I picked up a Buffallo Router/Access Point, Netgear 8-Port Gigabit Switch, and a Logitech 1100 Wireless Mouse. Was doing some major rewiring and network deployment, I always had a Buffalo AP back in the day and its a been while since they updated their APs so now I picked up a new one and opened it up the moment I got home.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. e7mood

    kaan el gaz ehnaaak awal

  2. @e7mood – Ay gaz! loool! I have been going there for over 16 years! Never saw any gaz! looool! Just nerds and a couple of IT guys!

  3. best nerdy place ever, simple, small, but yet enormous contents

  4. e7mood

    looooooooool exactly ;p

  5. @Kal – Exactly! For a small place they have a very good selection!

    @e7mood – LooooL!

  6. ali

    damn first time i hear about this place, where is located exactly cause ive been ordering shit from the US for a long time now

  7. e7mood

    hawali, bin 5aldon st, mojama3 el wala2, first floor

  8. @ali – They have a good selection, not everything but good enough and decent pricing!

    @Yousuf M – e7mood gave the answer above!

    @e7mood – Thanks for the address!

    Their number is 22611660

  9. On my first visit there I never expected to see such great equipment in such a crappy location. (I think I even smelt urine in that staircase lol) but these guys are really great and deliver at reasonable prices.

  10. @Mathai – Yup decent prices and very good service! And your right about the stair case! lol

  11. I HATE going to Hawally… I would rather buy things from airports :) but this shop looks like it’s worth a visit. Maybe on a ‘quiet’ week morning.

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