Vogel RingO Mounts

I have been looking at iPad Mounts for a while now that could be mounted in different locations all over the house. I tend to use my iPad for many different applications, controlling music in the house, playing Pandora while sitting at my desk, reading lots of different items on the iPad. I found the Wallee mount but for some reason it seems to get lost in the delivery so in my search I have found the Vogel Mounts. For $70 you get the case and the Vogel Wall Mount which you can rotate the iPad in any way and its a simple case to use. Then they have other mounts such as the Car Mount and Flex Mount for use with the same case which makes it a versatile case. I like the Flex Mount because you can position it where you need it. You have to drill these mounts into the wall and then attach the case to them, but they do have an adhesive mount if you can’t drill into the wall. Overall I think these mounts are very cool especially that you can use different mounts with it, and it also works with products other then the iPad.

Link: Vogel

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  1. Bo ZaiD

    Heey Marzouq .. You can find something pretty similar to that here in Kuwait called the Wallee which is sold in both Electrozan and Venyooo.com by Gulftronics.

    You can also check out the accessories that will be available in April @ http://www.thewallee.com

  2. @Bo ZaiD – Hala Bo ZaiD! Thanks for the heads up! I’m going to check it out then! I remember the Wallee but I had issues getting it for some reason!

  3. I want something that suspends it from the ceiling when I’m lying down on the sofa :)

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