Water Shortage!


Due to the severe dust storms lately many areas like Qadsiya, Rumaitheya, Dasma, and a few other locations ran out of water. The water tanker trucks were all in line getting filled up. I remember a water tanker cost anywhere between 4 to 6 KD but this past week they were ranging from 10 KD to 20 KD which has never happened before. We had the summer of no electricity but it seems that we might have a summer of no water. The government hasn’t taken enough action to plan ahead for water and electrical requirements, and then there is the case of people wasting immense amount of water. I pass by so many houses where they just leave the hose running to clear the driveway and that drives me nuts. If they get the high pressure cleaner they can clean a car in about 1/5 the amount of water needed and much more effeciently. But after one severe dust storm people had no water the next morning in many areas which is very disturbing. I wonder which you can live without more electricity or water? I kept thinking about this but I for one have to shower in the morning, and living without electricity is fine for a little while. The one major solution to this is to charge people for their use and not subsidize 95% of the cost as they are doing with electricity. In both cases they should really make an effort to correctly charge for water and electricity and then people will control their usage when they feel the burn in their pocket.

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  1. akbar

    conservation is key, no matter how much water we get, there will be wastage always. Follow what our elders taught us and stick to our morals. there will be a saturation point always, what will we do then? conserve today for a better tomorrow.

  2. In our area they waste a lot of water just for washing cars. Personally I don’t mind driving around in a dusty car as long as there’s water in the storage tank for my shower and shave.

  3. @akbar – People will never learn unless it bites them in the ass! lol

    @Mathai – Same here! As long as I can take my shower I won’t be complaining!

  4. this is silly
    ppl should broom the dust off
    water is not necessary at all
    stupid ppl,, stupid!
    i haven’t seen any house used a broom,, they wash off the sand by a water hose!! STUPID!!! “

  5. @vampire – Agreed! I have seen houses use a ton of water! A broom can sweep it away and then use a mop if you really want to clean it up! Not just a hose going like crazy!

  6. Water and electricity need to be better controlled… Water especially for a country like Kuwait. I sometimes feel guilty having a small garden.

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