TRON Legacy Light Cycle

The first thing that they worked on when developing this movie is the Light Cycle, they made a point to modernize it and develop for this movie and I think its a beautiful piece of design and machinary. Its probably one of the cool things during the first part of the movie, and now its availble to sit on your shelf. Its 25 centimeters long and looks amazing, the riders looks like a piece of the bike, a very nice piece to have for $270.

Link: GunJap

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  1. That thing is a beauty.

  2. I want to ride it for real ! … wish they had one in real on sale :)

  3. @N – Agreed!

    @karbonFiber – There was one for sale at $50000 I think!

  4. Niks

    Superb dude,

    I was crazily looking for tron bike reference images….
    this really helped me……..


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