Nerd Zodiac


When I saw the first thought I had is I wanted to be a Robot! They had Optimus Prime as the leader of the robots, so I wanted to join but it seems that I was in a different group. When I found my birth year I was impressed, I’m with the Ninjas and Samurais, I’m with Storm Shadow even though he is from Cobra he is still a ninja, and also Darth Vader is part of that year!

(Click the Image to see the large version and see where you fit)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


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  2. I’m a treasure hunter just like Lara Croft wooohooo! My favorite! Hehehe ;P

  3. @pearls – Awesome!

    @Jacqui – Nice! hehee!

  4. that’s a very cool chart!!

    I’m a treasure hunter

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