Toyota FT-86II

The Toyota AE86 is known to many people as one of the most aggressive sports car back in the day, it would be modified in all forms to race and drift around the moutains in Japan. I think this is one of the cars that help originate drifting back in the 80s. Now Toyota came up with the FT-86 Concept and a lot of people got excited, a decently priced toyota sports car which looks highly modifiable (If thats even a word). When the pictures first came out I thought they were bringing back the Toyota Supra but then they mentioned the name and their target market. Toyota has been working on their aggressive rear-wheel-drive sports concept for several years now, but these studio pics look like the real deal. Its supposed to go intro production in 2012 but with the situation in Japan I’m not sure if everything is on track. I really like the final pics of this car.

Link: Autoblog

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  1. Corolla Man (AE86)

    Amazing car can not wait to see it in the road.

  2. love it
    wish Honda gonna make a competitor for it

  3. At first I thought those images were 3D generated until I saw the guy in the photoshoot, the car is breath taking, especially since black is my favourite shade.

  4. @Corolla Man (AE86) – I have a feeling you will be flying to Japan if you were allow! :P

    @vampire – Lets hope so!

    @Kuwaitiful – I had the exact same thought! It looked too good to be true but yet it is!

  5. Kuwaity

    I hate Toyota! Even the LFA because of the price, BUT this one sounds good to me :)

  6. I wish it had some carbon fiber bits for some contrast in the color :)

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