Lack Of Quality Chinese Food


I am a huge fan of Chinese food and love having it whenever I have the chance. But everytime I have chinese food in Kuwait I am a bit disappointed, its never what I expect it to be and something is always lacking. I know people talk about Peacock as the best Chinese Restaurant in Kuwait, but in my case its a disaster I have gotten food poisoning from them twice and in one case I had to stay in the hospital for the night. The other fast food places usually have one or two good dishes but thats about it, and they are not very consistent. I go to London or the US and love the Chinese food, its amazing and so satisfying, every bite of it tastes good. But in Kuwait they just can’t seem to get it 100% right and I usually eat and then regret eating the food because it wasn’t worth it and I just don’t feel good after the meal. I have tried most of the places in Kuwait and they aren’t good even in Dubai I haven’t found a place with good chinese food.

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  1. Fonzie

    What do you think of P.F.Chang’s?

  2. I mostly agree. I think china express is tasty, and I like Tang Chao’s in holiday inn salmiya, but the chinese food in the US is way better.

    The reason why you think something is missing is because most chinese food is cooked with lard (pig fat), and probably most of the restaurants you ate at in the US and UK use it. Instead of oil for the rice, they use lard. Most stocks for soups and rice contain lard, and most meats are fried with it too.

    Just to let you know lol.

  3. I highly recommend PF Changs for Chinese food. Their dishes are excellent

  4. chinese food,, love it
    Noodles is my favorite chinese rest in kuwait but only few items that i eat from them.
    i’m going to PFChange today for the 2nd time just to make sure that it’s not worth it.
    1st time didn’t like anything

    what is china express? where is that?
    home delivery?

  5. Have u tried “Tang Chao Rest.” at the Holiday inn in Salmiya yet ??
    in my opinion they have the best shrimp dishes when compared to any other Chinese rest in Kuwait. You should defo go there if u haven’t been there yet.


    I really really had high hopes in “Golden Chopsticks” and that was when I discovered it coincidentally back in 2000 .. It served AMAZING Chinese dishes at that time .. I went to the U.S and then came back and I’ve heard that they moved to a bigger location which made me happy .. Tried the food and it SUCKED! The Search is on Marzouq :P

  7. Do you like Thai food? There is a great little place in Mahboula (behind Star Juice on coastal road) and I absolutely LOVE their food. I think they recently opened another branch too.

    Baan Sabaidee Thai Restaurant
    tel. 65925355

  8. P.F. Changs despite the name is considered fusion not Chinese. I personally love Gulf Royal Chinese Restaurant. Every time I come back from the US, its the first thing on my mind. Bear in mind not everything is amazing there but their Chicken and Beef Tepenyaki are to die for! Also their combo fried rice isn’t bad once you add soy sauce to it.

  9. Samer

    Monosodium Glutamate (MSG): flavor enhancing additive… used widely by Chinese restaurant chefs in the west. Don’t believe it is permissible in Kuwait. Hence, the varying difference to your ‘Chinese food’ comparative experience.

  10. Chinese food just doesn’t taste the same in Kuwait. Back in college I’d always buy Chinese takeout and I can’t find that same taste here :(

  11. Samer

    Bu Yousef,

    Thank you … No more Chinese food the next time I visit Kuwait I guess.

  12. Waleed Al-Awadhi

    Try chin chin in dubai!

  13. Dubai

    Try the Chinese one in the adress hotel near burj khalifa. Very nice. But expensive. I also think that the Chinese food in the state is americanized … Not authentic. It’s good but not really the real deal….. In Kuwait they use the sane suase for all dishes .. Which is bad to begin with.

  14. Les

    PF Chang’s is good American Chinese. They do not claim to be authentic Chinese. It is great if you go there NOT expecting authentic Chinese.

    Also Bu Yousef/ Samer, PF Chang’s do not use MSG :)

  15. K

    Wokmaster highly recommend it!

  16. Darwin

    All the chinese food in Kuwait is so so and not so original. I love Thai food, in Kuwait I do recommend Sabaidee Thai Cuisine, its the best Thai food I ever tasted!!! You can find its menu and locations at or find from facebook “Sabaidee Thai Cuisine”.

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