AMG To Purchase Ducati?

This is a little more then it seems, at the launch of the Diavel there was some exciting news about AMG and Ducati collaborating on a few porjects. At first I thought it was just for marketting reasons but after reading A&R’s article below it seems that Mercedes has interest to buy Ducati but they are feeling things out before proceeding. Ducati has had a spectacular 5 years with the debut of the 1098, they have really worked on the quality of their products and slowly expanding their product line. Ducati have had a bit of rough time earlier but these days they are on top and it seems that Mercedes has noticed, but they don’t want them because they are on top. They want them so that they have another arm of their business which is in direct competition with BMW, with an established product portfolio and distribution line, Mercedes wants to take on BMW. But what Mercedes and Ducati are trying to do is to see how they fit together, they each don’t want to alienate their customer and fan base, and Ducatiests are known to be loyal to the brand and don’t want any interference. I wonder how this would work out? Would they share their technical knowledge? Would distribution lines be streamlined? Would you start seeing Ducaties at Mercedes Dealerships? It is a shocking development and I’m not sure if its a good or bad thing, and it seems to Mercedes that there is a lot of good to take Ducati but they have to do carefully or a lot of damage will be done to either brand.

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  1. i think MB wants the technology from ducati to have their own motorcycles to compete with BMW Motorrad

  2. Coolbiker

    Usually when a brand is purchased as investment , there is little disturbance to the existing siutation. If purchased to merge under one brand then one or the other has to retire , which cannot be the case with these two powerfull brands. A threat to BMW ? Not worth it as motorcycles make very little profit. Future development ? MB is better off starting with electric bikes ?

  3. Hostile takeover by Ze Germans???

    It seems like they enjoy buying everything in sight. BMW bought Rolls Royce, Range Rover, Mini, etc. VW bought Porsche, Audi, Lambo, Skoda, etc. MB had Chrysler but is now interested in buying another car manufacturer, and possibly now Ducati.

    I know it’s not for sure but does anyone see a crazy pattern developing here? The Germans are applying the same formula America’s “Big Three” used. Not necessarily a good one for keeping brands unique, but market share seems to be the name of the game.

    Not gooooooooooood.

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