The Office with Will Ferrel


Will Ferrell has committed to a four-episode arc on NBC’s comedy The Office. He will play a branch manager who comes from the home office and is just as inappropriate as Steve Carell’s Michael Scott character.

I have been following The Office for some time now and Michael Scott is a fixture in the tv show, for 7 seasons he has been one of the core characters of the show and seeing him leave the office feels very strange, it won’t be the same. I was honestly shocked that they got Will Ferrel to play his conterpart, the new manager, and I don’t know how much longer the show will continue but it seems its going to take a different path, and the other day’s episode was pretty good. Seeing the difference of these two guys was very entertaining and I’m looking forward to the few episodes left of the office.


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  1. I thought it was horrible. Thank god it’s only going to be for 4 episodes and will ferrel won’t be a permanent replacement!

  2. In theory this looks to me like a mistake. But them I thought bringing the office to the states was bad and it turned out great. very different to the UK one but very good. Looking forward to seeing these episodes when I catch up.

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