Hot Rod or Rodimus Prime!

Hot Rod was one of my favorite characters from the original transformers movie, I loved the character he played and the colors of his car. I never realized that Hot Rod was a sports car and a winnebago or Motor Home at the same time, that was a bit disappointing when I grew up and I thought thats an example of bad character development in the 80s. Still that didn’t stop me from thinking that he is one of the coolest autobot after Optimus Prime.

About 5 years ago I saw this model in a shop but it wasn’t for sale and I tried making an offer but the owner seemed stubborn and so I left the shop. Then a little while back as I was roaming Amazon Japan thanks to Google Translate, I can across this model for sale for about 16500 Yen or around $200. It took a bit but I managed to make the transaction work and got the order. Hot Rod is a stationary model but an exact replica of the one from original movie.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!

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  1. finally another transformer-ite!

    Hot Rod became a winnebago is it? (reminds me of windigo!) after he got the matrix during the movie.

    i was a huge fan of the action figures but they never measured up to the series as plastic figures unfortunately :S

    anime shops however, i get it. what an investment, looks great!


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