Robo Gone From The Stable

I remember the first time I laid eyes on the BMW K1200R in BMW Motorrad on Park Lane in London. I fell in love with the beast, BMW came out with a machine that destoryed the competition that was based purely on the need to make a machine that was based purely on passion and engineering. I was remember ordering mine at the end of 2005 and getting it on Feb 2006, and I rode for so many months, into the heat, and I would smile every time I was on that bike. The BMW K1200R is machine that would make anyone smile the moment they twisted the throttle, amazing around corners and those brakes saved me many times.

Over the last two years I haven’t been riding Robo as much, I would always want to but I would end up riding on Diablo because I would want something light and nimble. I for one have a difficult time parting with my machines, I feel like they are linked to me since I have been through so much with them. A few people asked me if the bike was for sale a long time ago and I would be unsure about it, and I always think about the new owner and decide to keep him. But at this point I have too many bikes and not enough time in the world to ride as much as I want. I used to even go back home and switch bikes then go back out again to make sure I ride them. Now Robo has departed my stable and is with a new loving owner, honestly I wouldn’t sell Robo to anyone who doesn’t know what they are getting or is unaware of motorcycles, I wanted him to be appreciated for being such an amazing motorcycle and a new page for BMW road motorcycles, getting into the gritier side of riding. Well now I am down to three and enjoying them!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. sad to see Robo go
    it is my favorite bike from your collection.
    but now u have the Diavel ;)

  2. nader

    hey, i just have one question … does anyone know if I’m allowed to get a motorcycle license at the age of 17 i live in kuwait , but I’m not kuwaiti …

  3. Awwww it’s sad but Robo will always be in your heart through the endless photos and experience you had with it hehe :)

  4. Bye bye Robo… wish you were calling my garage your new home :(

  5. jojo


    In Kuwait you get motorcycle license at 17 with guardian approval . Check it out at TriStar 66704999 Salem

  6. Kuwaity

    It’s bad to hear that, any ways u have an alternative now!

    I used to own two bikes and two cars back in the collage, now I have one bike and four cars. All because of work, business travels, family, children and not to forget that kuwait was better for riders few years ago. The traffic jams, crazy drivers, rear-faced speed cameras, bad weather, etc..
    I’m planing to get a VFR1200 but I also I don’t want to sell my bike, If I keep them both, I will end up like you :)

  7. jojo

    May be u should find out where Robo went & get it. From the photos it is loaded with lots of goodies

  8. @vampire – I would have to agree! Sad to see him go as well!

    @nader – It would be very difficult!

    @Jacqui – Exactly! I’m happy I take so many photos of every outing!

    @elwehbi – You should take that step!

    @Kuwaity – Its very tough to pick and choose what to ride and go out with!

    @jojo – lol

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